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Published 2020-03-20
Most of us have seen this animal only in photographs and have never encountered it in the wild. When we hear the word "wolf", we imagine a stereotyped scary and blood-thirsty beast that has no mercy.
But are they really like that? Or, perhaps, humans have stuck this stigma on wolves unfairly? To investigate the true nature of wolves two naturalists are going to the most remote corner of Siberia, to those secluded, truly wild places, where nature lives its primeval life, to the Putorana Plateau, a place where wolves have never seen human-beings.
The naturalists will spend 9 months on the Putorana Plateau, in the true “kingdom of wolves”. Will they be able to see these cautious, intelligent and secretive masters of this severe land? Will they be able to dispel the myth about the "blood-thirsty killers"? Searching for the wolves and their dens is a real gamble …

The Journey to Siberia / Bushcraft in Siberia

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  • Yiannis2112
    We need more documentaries about the Russian wilderness. This is truly impressive!
  • Arslan Gul
    For some reason, it felt as if i was there with them. The progression , the depth of documentary, the flow and the sense of reality in this documentary is awesome. It doesn't seem artificial or doctored for television but pure in some weird way.

    Thank you.
    Despite the fact that they've not encountered the wolves, still the nature and scenery was enchanting. Thank you for your work and may the wolves thrive in peace every where 🐺
  • Thank you very much for sharing this amazing experience with us.

    What a beautiful country. Majestic landscapes, majestic animals, I love it.

    What brought me here? I saw a wolf first hand last weekend. And now I have to watch all the documentaries that I can find about them : )
    I live in eastern Germany (Saxony), at the border to Poland.
    As I was walking through the woods I saw a wolf, about 50-70m away, walking up a path, turning its head to look back at me.
    It was amazing, lasted only about 5 seconds and I continued walking to not disturb it.
    I will always remember this moment.

  • Yes, you missed meeting the wolves but this Documentary is worth watching. Thanks a lot for making it.
  • Scott A
    Excellent video. Like many have said, the wolves are extremely intelligent. I would bet that they were watching you two the whole time and just always stayed one step ahead of you.
  • Jedidiah
    I like the fact that you two were out in the middle of nowhere and not set up in a National Park where known packs of wolves are abundant, like so many other wolf documentaries. This really captures just how hard it is to find and film wolves. I wish it was a longer documentary.
  • Soraya roshan
    Thank you so much for sharing this amazing journey. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, and the narration is spot on. I enjoyed it immensely!!
  • James12345 James
    Is clear that our ancestors had a fascination with wolves and manage to get in touch with them, tamed them and the result is the dogs we have today. The fox in the last scenes was like a consolation for the time spent. Very cute an friendly, also from canides family. Very good documentary afterall. If you start a journey with a specific purpose in the wild it turns to be different many times.
  • C H
    What an absolute splendor Siberia is. May it remain always wild and unspoiled. Thank you for sharing this adventure.
  • Enjoyed this video, gave a glimpse of the vastness and beauty of the Putorana Plateau and some of the inhabitants there. Narrative was excellent, made me want to travel there! Excellent photography. The serene frozen waterways, bleak mountain ranges, the vibrant autumn colours of the forests and the cascading beautiful waterfalls. Not to mention the migrating reindeers. I loved the scene where the male reindeer walks by you two, so close! I believe they have excellent sense of smell. He must've been provoking you! 😀 your team captured the year's expedition very well. I saw the kind nature of humanity - you went there not as hunters, sharing the harsh environment, but to explore the myth. 🙏 for sharing.
    This was just wonderful. Thank you for making this video and for the project you embarked. Long live the amazing wolf!
  • Jacqueline
    What a magical place, spectacular landscape! This is one of the best documentaries I have watched in a long time. I have always thought that wolves are not the evil creatures that some make them out to be. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place and the creatures that call it home with us! :) :)
  • MuusiK Fan
    Thank you crew for a beautiful documentary. Loved every second of it, and for your expertise to letting nature speak to us through your lens. Love it.
  • Ian Caldwell
    What an awesome experience. To be in such nature , even though they did not achieve their first aim but still an achievement none the less. Also they must be very GOOD friends. I do envy such an adventure.
  • herb marsh
    That was truly a fantastic Documentary. Thanks for sharing this video, and also putting the time and effort into showing what really is the nature of these magestic and beautiful animals. A new fan and subscriber.
  • Amazing documentary on the part of the world very few people truly now. These two men are as brave as one can meet. It is my hope that the coming generations will take advantage of the knowledge and skills of these brave men. Greetings from Toronto.
  • peruRail
    The narration, the intention of the documentary, the views... Wow, I am amazed! Thank you so much. Lots of love