[ASMR] Sleep Recovery ~ 3 Hours of Hair Treatments

Published 2020-08-30
Enjoy 3 hours of some of my favorite hair treatments, scalp checks, shampoos and hair washes, scalp massages, and hair dyes all without any ad interruptions. Just pure hair bliss to help you sleep, relax or study.

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All Comments (21)
  • I can’t be the only one that loves it when other people play with your hair it just feels so nice
  • Hi 💙💚
    can we just appreciate how she does a 3 hour video with ZERO AD INTURRUPTIONS - she is literally saving lives
  • Skye Aten
    What I wouldn't give to experience this 3 hour head spa personally... Like, if people went for this weekly, we could end depression, end wars, and clear acne
  • Craig
  • Subuwu
    I don’t normally enjoy talking in my ASMR. Her voice is quiet and soothing and there’s no “popping” or “clucking”. Combined with hair treatments I’m fighting for my life to keep my eyes open.
  • Jolie LaVey
    I love that this video is 2yrs old but almost all the comments are recent that's how you know she's amazing at what she does
  • Aline Ventura
    Minha bebê de 1 ano, estava com dificuldade pra dormir. Com 2 minutos assistindo, ela já deitou, relaxou e está dormindo lindamente. E eu vou aproveitar para descansar também.
  • theiconicdee
    I have never made it past 8 mins of this 3 hour long video but I use it literally everynight to sleep 🧍🏽‍♀️
  • Vanessa Sissons
    precise timestamps
    0:00-13:00-clipping and combing hair
    13:01-18:25 scalp powder? and sticky scalp patches
    18:26-24:23 oils and scalp massage
    24:24-37:15 mixing and applying confitioner
    37:16-39:47 oils
    39:48-41:42 scalp massager tool
    41:43-44:10 combing
    44:11-47:25 testing hair
    47:26-50:49 spray and wet hair
    50:50- 56:38 massage in oils
    56:39-1:07:23 wash hair
    1:07:24-1:11:39 massage hair
    1:11:40-1:12:19 towel dry
    1:12:20-1:14:26- massage hair
    1:14:28-1:19:03- clipping, combing, sticky patches
    1:19:04-1:24:56- scalp powder
    1:24:57-1:25:17- check hair with light
    1:25:18-1:27:11- lice comb
    1:27:12-1:31:07- two above combined
    1:31:08- idk cba
  • -Rose-
    Okay who else wants Tingting to open up a salon so she can massage and treat our hair and scalps correctly💫
  • Amelia Mercier
    My brain: let’s listen to this ASMR and sleep well tonight
    My eyes: let’s read all 20k comments!
  • User7299.
    The best part of these videos is the comment section because you realize that your not the only one who has trouble sleeping and that we’re all here for each other
  • Roasted¥_
    Lets all be honest we all wish to get this done in us rather than see it still the ASMR is soo relaxing
  • Alexa L
    Im high asf rn but i just wanted to say i love u guys like we all just doing our best trying to sleep…. It’s so sweet and wholesome and ppl put time stamps in the comments and just everyone saying nice words to each other… if life was as peaceful as an asmr video comment section, there would be no war I stg. stay awesome yall. let’s rest well and stay kind to each other ❤❤❤
  • moa eriksson
    I love the fact that she took our eyeballs out of our eye sockets just for us to see what she does
  • TimeTraveler
    Thanks for helping my nephew fall asleep. He was in a terrible mood and wouldn’t go to bed but he calmed right down and is now sleeping peacefully❤
  • mako
    the fact that she’s wasting all those products and doing all those things on a wig for THREE hours so that some strangers sleep is just- wow😀
  • Margaret Herman
    As someone with really curly hair who never ever combs my hair for fear of frizz, there’s nothing better than Tingting’s hair treatments 🤤😴