Multiple Scenes of Beirut Explosion💥 Caught in Camera. (WARNING:- Graphic Content)

Published 2020-08-11

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  • Nether 2009
    Bro this was wild. 2020 deserves it’s own chapter in history books. This explosion was insane. R.I.P to those who didn’t make it.
  • Superfly Gaming
    RIP to those whose lives were lost that day, and big respect to those who carried children and their loved ones to safety in the heat of the crisis. Real heroes.
  • Yava Qeh
    I don't think an explosion like this has ever been filmed in such high definition and from so many different angles. Seeing the clouds getting blown away is just insane.
  • jcmate
    My condolences to all those who lost
    love ones and to those that were injured.
  • Le sheepb
    Rip to everyone who died and also everyone wearing glasses
  • Igor Grigorov
    Мои соболезнования семьям погибших.
  • thepopo592
    that is actually so insane, its crazy to see it from so many different angles, you really get the whole perspective of how it affected everyone
  • NeonDaybreak
    One thing that is bothering me is that a lot of people who filmed from further away, seemed to be unaware of the fact that a shockwave needs to travel before it hits you. If something explodes with so much force that you see the clouds getting blown away, don't stand there and film for another 10 seconds. Move away from windows and try to get to cover immediately.
  • I remember watching Mythbusters a long time ago and they were using these metal disks to see how survivable shockwaves are and I couldn’t wrap my head around how they could possibly hurt someone. I guess it just wasn’t at a big enough scale. This is both horrifying and fascinating at the same time. I almost can’t believe it.
  • Astral Sheepu
    I hold my breath every time for those chilling seconds before the shockwave hits where no one seems to know to get down. I’m glad most made it out but Jesus… rip to the ones who didn’t. The one at 25:30 shows so clearly just how destructive it was as you was the glass shatter. It almost looks like it was going to disintegrate the whole city. 220 is miraculously low, as sad as it is to say.
  • Ollie Jobson
    It must have been terrifying for the people who weren’t able to see the explosion. The amount of damage is akin to what I imagined a first strike in a war to look like. This is chilling to imagine and I fear what a war would look like if an accident already looks like this
  • Adam
    6:45 i thought i hat was a dog on the bed and it just had no response to the explosion

    Edit: the only thing that made this tragedy less horrible is the fact it happened by the water. Imagine if it had been in the center of the city, my condolences to those who were effected
  • Neni Antão
    Que Deus possa nos perdoar por todos os males que praticamos aqui nessa vida.
  • 5:22 I can’t believe the men were so close to the explosion. How the man recording was still on his feet and able to run is mind blowing whilst being hit with falling debris!
  • Dwayne Zander
    This broke my hear and brought tears to my eyes :( This should have never happened !! To all of you that witness this and went threw this , l am so sorry :( R.I.P to all those who lost their lives :(
  • I'm just really sad for the kids or elderly or anyone that was having medical issues during the explosion they must have so much trauma from it also the clip where they were close to it was the most anxiety inducing thing ever
  • Moon
    I wonder how much that would’ve costed for all those windows. Also, Rest In Peace for all of those who died, may you have your best days in heaven. And for all those who experienced this I hope you are all okay. For children who are watching this, when you see something like this and you get the feeling there’s going to be an explosion take cover as fast as you can, as well for you adults. Be safe out there you guys!
  • Rocket Scientist
    To the author of this video: you did an amazing job collecting and editing these videos into one single piece. You gave credits appropriately and segued from one to the next professionally. I just wanted to commend you on this.

    It is important we don’t forget this. I am American, I hope my country supplied help to the people of Lebanon. ❤
  • Yes I am Yes
    The craziest thing to me is the span of silence it took for the sound of the explosion to reach those further away. And the way the shockwave hit like its own explosion even miles away... I've never seen an explosion like this before. It's both absolutely heartbreaking and incredibly fascinating.
  • BuzzNuttz
    15:45 I thought it was the camera focusing but it was the shock wave moving through the clouds. Scary moment. Peace and Love to all. Such a tragedy that could of been avoided considering the chemicals were not stored correctly.