Console Wars - NINTENDO vs SEGA

Published 2022-04-17

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  • Scott E.
    That Crash model looks so uncanny yet accurate to the game, I have no idea who modeled it or had it rigged to look so good. But you gents have done something crazy and I'm curious to see the war between Gamecube, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, and Xbox's beginnings. Not sure what year that'd be though since Dreamcast came out in... 1999. I guess just the big 3 and PC looming further in the back.
  • Joniden
    This needs to be a series. From beginning until current consoles.
  • Smiley the Smile
    I like how this feels more epic than the other console war videos, despite it being small in scale. The future console wars followed Shonen rules and became too big to be interesting.
  • Kusó
    I love how the console wars are like Japanese consoles competing with each other like the Sengoku jidai and after the victory of Sony it became international with Microsoft
  • SXR123
    I don't know why it took me a month to see this, but holy shit that was awesome. I wasn't expecting to actually see the sprites from their games.

    My stomach actually started hurting from laughing too hard
  • WigWoo1
    I was really hoping that after Sony said "Witness three dimensions" I was hoping the SNES was going to whip out the Super FX chip with Starfox or something to fight sony equally
  • bigbrohybrid
    When 64 said “Don’t worry big brother. I’ll take it from here…” I got goosebumps. Give us the next chapter Flashgits. You insane geniuses.
  • Anthony Bell
    I laughed so hard. And after the war crimes I've suffered through that's really hard to do. You are a comedic genius.
  • PLEASE make this a series!! This was legit epic. I would watch an whole anime with Japanese console wars lol. The N64 entrance was fucking epic!
  • As an '80s kid, this is exactly how it happened. Except no Sega Saturn, for some reason.
  • Alan David
    The Thumbnail doesn't make justice of how good this was! I was expecting the usual "Sonic and Mario beating the crap of each other". Didn't expect THE LITERAL CONSOLES FIGHTING A BLOODY WAR IN A JAPANESE SETTING WITH GREAT VISUALS, ANIMATION AND VOICE ACTING.

    Amazing job! :D
  • 4our of Clubs
    Fantastic animations and top tier voice acting , I definitely would love to see more!
  • lola
    Can't believe this gave me chills the voice acting was on point 10/10
  • Source_Achieved
    Can we please have a sequel to This!? This was amazing!
  • Red Sherman
    Gonna need this to be a series, my dude. We'll send you money. Whatever it takes.
  • Mugaka Murakumo
    This is god tier. On so many levels. Please. I need this as a series...
  • Cacey Marasco
    The emotions…the history…the waves of nostalgia…my God
  • PaladinGeorge
    Truly one of my favorite animation series. I love how the different generations reflect different time periods of history.
  • Amazing as usual. You captured the complete essence of the console wars in the mid 90s. Sony came in and straight dominated.