Squatters take over veteran's house; Family forced to live in hotel for 5 months

Published 2020-10-21
A disabled veteran and his family are forced to live in a hotel after squatters moved into their condominium and changed the locks.

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  • Coni Torres
    It’s a damned shame when criminals have more rights than a US vet.
  • Mia Strong
    There should NEVER be protections for squatters. They know that what they are doing is wrong. Everything that someone can do to defend it is abbedding a scam. This NEEDS TO CHANGE.
  • Elizabeth
    This is why local news is still a cornerstone in our communities. Well done, you really made a difference for this family.
  • Nicki Snyder
    As someone who used to rent houses I often came across this situation and had a very unique solution. So I share it for anyone interested. The police always defer to whichever person is standing in the house. They told the person outside they have to handle the situation through the courts. So you have to be in the house. What I would do was enter the house even if I had to break a window with a gas mask on and throw 6 bug bombs. At the people ran outside I quickly changed the locks. I would bring a couple of large men with me to stand outside and argue with the person I was evicting. This of course was always after they had their 30 days notice and had not gotten out. Usually they would call the police. When the police arrived I was the one in the house physically. Telling the police I own the house. I had papers showing the people had been evicted 30 days ago and other new papers, showing I had we rented the home to someone else. This is where my other two muscle guys would come in. They would say they lived there they had moved in a week ago and they don't know why these people were coming back. They had their lease in hand proving they live there for over a week because of course the other people were supposed to be out a week ago according to the legal paperwork. Sometimes I wouldn't even stay for the police scene I would just leave that to my two operatives. Who were posing as my new tenants. The bug bombs work great to get them out. You could even just not answer the door when the police came after all they don't have a warrant. You just have to physically get them out of the building and then change the locks. It should be added that I always return to all belongings to the renters putting them out at the curb.
  • SwapPart
    It makes no sense that residency can be established when they were never authorized to live there in the first place. With all the damage they did, there should be criminal charges filed.
  • Every squatter that does this, should be IMMEDIATELY DRAGGED out of the house and thrown in jail - they can squat in jail where ALL THIEVES BELONG !! I can't believe we actually have laws that protect people who just decide one day to take over a house (steal a house), from the owners , who , for years paid the mortgage and taxes on it .
    So what happens to the real home owners if they got back inside and changed the locks on the squatters ?
    Who would the law protect then ???
    Squatters shouldn't have any rights to anything that someone else owns !!
  • Eddard Tyrsson
    If you steal someone's car, that's a felony.

    But of you steal someone's house, it's a civil matter and they have to go through a fucking eviction process?
  • I will never understand how people are getting evicted from their covid apartments but these squatters can just stay forever!?
    It's baffling.
  • If they had done this in Texas, they would probably be leaving the building on a stretcher and/or in a body bag. If you own the house, it’s trespassing; and therefore, using brute force is justified.
  • YT2000
    Its mind blowing to me that squatters have any rights at all. They should have ZERO rights to a home they do not own. PERIOD. GOD help ANYONE who tries that BS on me or anyone in my family. Id be their worst nightmare.
  • TheMorningSky
    Why is a "squatter" being treated as a "tenant?" A tenant is legally binded with signed contract. A squatter is illegally taking over the property without any contract. How come the authorities cannot do anything about it ? 🤔
  • Vynida Lopes
    How PATHETIC it is for news stations these days to be advocates for people who are actually forced out of their own homes due to squatters because the law supposedly has its hands tied. Big thumbs up to these news stations for bringing awareness & actually getting the job done 👍
  • Absolutely mind boggling that squatter's have rights to squat but the owner's have no rights!!!!
  • Rosie Dotz
    I love how this reporter went out of his way to help this young family
  • bad74maverick1
    That happened here in Ohio with my best friend's (also my roommate) Uncle. He's a snow bird and goes to Florida when it gets cold here. He came back about 8 years ago and found his locks changed and the police said they couldn't do anything because as squatters they had a Wifi bill coming to the address and it was a civil matter.
    So he asked some of us for some help. We showed up armed and announced that they were not going to stay. While they argued with us, Dan jimmied the back sliding glass door open and him and Tom went in. From the front door we heard a woman scream and the guy yelling "GET OUT"! ALL OF US were armed, they had to have known that.. well they left out the front door and we later on had a small fire in the back yard in the fire pit. We burned all their stuff. Wifi router, cell phones, wallet, purse, keys, baby clothes, their clothes, furniture. Of course we didn't want to commit a felony by destroying money so we took any cash and it supplied the beer for 3 friggin days while we cleaned up the busted drywall and the ceiling fans that were ripped out for some puzzling reason. The water heater was missing too..............
  • Devil Man
    No the silver lining would be if the squatters were in prison for felony theft, trespassing and any other law that applies. Imagine if these laws applied to your car or other belongings. "Steal it for just long enough and you get to keep it" shouldn't be possible.
  • Sharon R
    I would lose my mind if someone took over my house. Honestly, I'd probably get arrested. My heart goes out to this poor family. Thank God for the news team.
  • Gene Swygert
    Absolutely blows my mind that something Like this can happen to a hard working family, not to mention a veteran, ON AMERICAN SOIL!!!
  • D
    Bro, his mom died of cancer and this woman takes over his house. What a terrible human being
  • LISA B.
    When squatters move into a luxury home, magically there are laws in place to get them out the next day, but if you're in an average home , suddenly you're stuck for months with the problem. Anybody notice that fact?