The CHAPTER 3 *END* EVENT in Fortnite! (New Map)

Published 2021-12-04

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  • The Rock in this event was CRAZY! Totally the best event of this chapter. Might even be the best one to date.
  • MrTaeDaniel
    That event was crazy, I love the interaction and the visuals.
  • Derek Pisz
    You are an amazing youtuber. Seeing you react to the event is incredible.And I hope you had an amazing time filming this video.And honestly this event was fire! And I cant wait to see you react to chapter 3! Have an amazing time to and you are amazing
  • Paws
    Thank you for showing us the live event that some of us didn’t get in the event we all appreciate it
  • BladeEdits
    I loved this event, I can't wait for chapter 3!
  • Meerkat4Life
    This event was brilliant. I watched it as well and had the same reactions.
  • Chapter 3 looks so good, it sucks I can’t play it sooner :(
  • C2DREW
    The event was insane can’t wait to try out the new map
  • Skye eykS
    That Rift gun is all I can think about . Such an intense map reveal
  • King-Sharkey
    It looked somewhat similar to the chapter one map and don’t get me wrong I’m not one of those old map kinda guys but it did have some key features to the old old map 😂😂 I’m hoping that lucky landing, snobby shores, greasy grove returns I’d love to revisit them only because I didn’t go to these places a lot
  • I Love Dogs
    I would write this live event a 1000,000 out of 10 Because it’s so insane and finally I get to see the foundation face reveal it was all on the rock and also chapter 3 starting tomorrow
  • Jo Pesos
    Best event yet actually makes me want to play havent took fortnite to serious since chapter one season 9
  • The Duk Plays
    I only had a 30min lunch and I used the whole lunch to watch this over 2 and a half times, coolest event ever. Omg the Rock. I’ve never been so hyped about something, especially if you’ve seen the trailer fro next chapter, it looks sick. I love the video!!!
  • Korea Aagii
    Love your videos keep staying awesome ❤️❤️
    this looks epic dude, i cant wait for the season 3 map, hello everyone hope your taking care and staying beautiful ☆♡
  • Casper
    I absolutely loved it 😍
  • Diamondx3
    That was the BEST LIVE EVENT I have ever seen to fortnite history!!
  • FL
    Love your work and videos keep it up bro much love from Germany ♥️♥️