Reviewing The Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Color Pencils - The best blending wax pencil?

Published 2023-12-04
Todays Pencil of choice is the super popular and super vibrant Prismacolor "Premier" Soft Core, Color Pencils

This pencil is one of the most popular artists pencils here in Australia and I suspect the rest of the world. This pencil has a reputation for vibrant colors, super saturation and those who use them love them.
For me while I have used these pencils before, I've never really taken much of a close look at them. So im very excitied so see what all the hype is about.
in the world, an American Another pencil direct from Germany (spoiler alert) these are some of the best blending Pencil's ive had the pleasure of using.
Are the Prismacolor Premier Color Pencils good? Are they the best blending pencil in the world? Are they as soft as people think?
This is the Big Review where I take pencils (and art supplies) and throw a series of tests at them. Some scientific, some opinion based, but through out it all I'm trying to give you enough information that you can make your own mind. This is the Big Review!
The good, the bad AND the ugly you get to see it all as as we look a these absolutely amazing Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Color Pencils.

0:00 - The Introduction
1:08 - The Design of the Prismacolor Premier Color Pencil
5:59 - Test 1 - Saturation and Vibrancy - How Saturated and Vibrant are the Prismacolor Premiers?
15:04 - Test 2 - The Straight Gradient - How well do the Prismacolor Premier's Gradient?
18:32 - Test 3 - The Blending Test - How well do the Prismacolor Premier Blend?
22:26 - Test 4 - The White Test - How good is the Prismacolor Premier white pencil?
24:49 - Test 5 - Color Accuracy - How accurate is the pencil barrel is to the pigment?
26:22 - Test 6 - The Break Factor - We break some pencils!
31:21 - Test 7 - The Joy Factor - My opinions using the Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Color Pencils.
34:03 - The End and the Big Score

Hope you enjoy!

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All Comments (17)
  • @octaxlugo3540
    you put so much work to your videos and it's beautiful, never stop doing this, you deserve the views of the word, sending love to u <3
  • @sylviagrantins
    I just come watch your videos when I need a mood and energy boost. :)
  • I have the same feelings with the control issue. When I layer they become sticky and icky… control
  • @wretcheddog
    Nice 👍👍👍, I went with Caran d'ache luminance and I'm happy with it, unfortunately saw too many reviews that they break Just by looking at them 😂
  • @maoushen
    alo maoushen here XD, i know is not relevant but u know i try to find art suplies in the flee market here in the nort part of México, and curious facts, Prismacolors is the pencil that I have found the most in flea markets, those and the Caran d'ache brand
  • @aaronfoley5990
    Im surprised how hard the Prismacolor was. Maybe because of the wax its flexing before it snaps?
  • @MysterioAngelus
    oooo! I'm learning a lot also Cecil wanted to voice his option on these pencils as well 😂
  • @Thunderpaws111
    I wonder if the ambient temperature affects how ‘breakable’ the points are? Ie, break more easily in summer, are ‘harder’ if it’s cooler?
  • @dedesu3
    I have honestly only had one split/damaged pencil and have bought several sets over the years. Just lucky so far I guess.
  • @mqbush
    Is it me, or did you only draw two lines with the yellow pencil in the break test? Also, the scientific part of me wonders if your scale reads pressure the same all the way across the surface. Maybe try repositioning the paper so each line is in the exact center. and see if it affects the results? Overall, a very informative video, I know a lot more about art pencils now :)
  • On Amazon the set of 72 come in 2 different tins. One has a Flamingo on the tin, the other tin has a butterfly like in this video. Whats the difference?
  • @afterfauve8291
    It seems to me they mix, not blend.
    They seem to act more like an oil pastel from your description, I've used oil pastels but have never used a pastel pencil. The way they shatter in the pressure test, tells me about how the leds are manufactured, and explains why the casing splits. I remember using them a long time ago and not liking them.
  • Prismacolor is not sold so openly here…….Europe. There’s something with one or some of the colours that doesn’t meet safety controls……that being said, of course Amazon has it and used sets are available at high prices.
  • @blackimp4987
    who's the poor creature in the background yelling desperately? hope it's no one in a cage.
    I've read prismacolor inherit from charisma pencils that stopped production years ago. I still have many charisma and I used to love them for their softness and ease of blending... BUT some color is too soft and it's very hard to draw details with them. I prefer polychromos for this.
    I think no one here in Italy sells primsacolor.
    I think I love you - but please don't keep animals in cage: they get insane for desperation and the animal I can hear sounds desperate