These VFX Cost Millions, but I did Them for Free.

Published 2022-07-10
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Peter sits down with Niko to explain how he created his most elaborate short film yet!

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Scanned with Polycam
Our Go-To Gear:
Puget Systems Computers:
Lighting by Aputure:
Nuke by The Foundry:
Octane Render by OTOY:
Boris FX - Mocha, Sapphire & Continuum:
Motion Captured with Xsens Suit:
Unreal MegaGrant:

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All Comments (21)
  • @blenderguru
    Wow that's like every hack in the book, plus a few new ones!
    Kudos Peter. Truly dedicated to your craft.
  • @Bubblegummonsters
    Well done amazing job. In regards to getting HDR images more accurate. I would suggest using a ricoh theta 360 cam, import the separate exposures into photoshop using the hdr importer and save as an exr or radiance
  • @spudmanii
    I really appreciate Niko guiding this video because (im assuming) Niko knows a lot of this tech, knows a lot of what Peter did, and is asking good, pointed questions to help get a good and full explanation of the process and the tools used
  • @VMYeahVN
    Peter is a literal VFX genius. He's gonna be on the VFX Artists React couch one day as the guest talking about some big summer blockbuster movie he worked on.
  • This is astonishing. The amount of work that goes into even a short film is just amazing. The tech is realllllllyyy cool, but kudos to Peter for your patience and perseverance. This is really high quality work
  • @KingGoldonNox
    Peter has been such an incredible addition to Corridor, this man’s talent knows no bounds.
  • I feel that for a Peter production, there's a severe lack of exploding heads and hanging eyeballs. But alas, still incredible incredible work!
  • @ronaldraygoon
    I love how Peter looks so much more adult since he started but is still this mega goofball with bonkers ideas that he works his butt off to make happen.
  • I love niko so much because you can feel his passion for filmmaking in every single videos he's in. And I loved that he had to be the one walking us through Peter's talent on this. Love love love these two people
  • @hazonku
    I can definitively say there is FAR more value in Scooty being up on the Corridor channel than if it had just been shown in school. Peter made the right choice dropping out, I remember being super bummed when he said he was leaving for school because nobody in VFX or most areas of art cares about what degree you have. It's all about your portfolio in the real world. The best thing school can give you is the fundamentals, and networking. Both things Peter can get with Corridor.
  • @marsch_original
    Mad respect for having the patience and dedication to make such awesome scenes and fx. CG for this work👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • @l.i.t.f.4353
    Jeez Peter is honestly on his own level, crazy talented
  • @keverlyhills
    I am so glad that y’all chose to execute this bts in a serious and educational way instead of tossing in gags and making it more “vlog” style or something distracting. It was a pleasure to watch and just absorb all the creativity Peter displays :)
  • @iczyg
    Peter is just insane at this. So much work. So well done.
  • @jtfaith3704
    ive been watching since before peters time, and watching him go from a cloned intern, to a loveable member of the cast, and now completing a film that hes been working on for years feels like a really strange proud father moment
  • Peter is a true inspiration. What a purposeful life he has, as do the rest of corridor. Cheers to life homies!
  • Not sure if you fully get it,
    but staff like this can inspire the whole generation of new fx masters and filmmakers.
    Bravo, Peter!
  • It’s absolutely crazy how this is all done by Peter, one guy, Literally one guy whose done all this amazing work in 3 years. Kudos to you, Petes.
  • @kptmaci4979
    Videos like that are very needed - the whole process explained, the most important bits are here, so new vfx artist would knew how to go around the whole process, even if he doesnt have the skill required yet and time to do something that long and impressive. Its a great, informative video! Thanky You guys for sharing this with us!