Rain and Thunderstorm Sounds | BLACK SCREEN | Sleep, Study, Focus, Meditate, Relax || Ambient

Published 2018-08-31
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Take a few moments out of your busy day for relaxation and or meditation, sit or lie in a relaxing position and let these calming natural sounds and images melt away your stress and tension.

Rain and Thunderstorm Sounds | BLACK SCREEN | Sleep, Study, Focus, Meditate, Relax
Enjoy the relaxing ambience of pouring rain and distant thunder around you as you drift off to sleep!

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  • Can we all just take a second to thank this person for no ads on a 10 hour video 😇
  • Hakima Harkane
    Très relaxant la nuit j’ai vraiment du mal à dormir je mes sa sa m’endors en 2minutes je l’ai écouter hier une pépite 😻merci à vous 😩🙏
  • Sidrah Qureshi
    OMG! This sound track and black screen is THE BEST! This is my son’s all time favourite. He is 5 years old and LOVES to listen to it every night. The problem is that it’s so soothing and relaxing that I fall asleep too!! And then I wake up in the morning with my tea cold at the bed side! ;-)
  • Mori-Bryan Jin
    Been listening to this for a few months now and I love it. Now I listen to it every night to help fall and stay asleep. My only complaint is that I can't put it on replay for when the video stop. Other than that it's GREAT!
  • loretta wilson
    These type of videos are so helpful , helping people to relax and sleep, I love listening to them, this one is really nice !!!!!
  • aleya khan
    The best so far in YouTube, I’ve always paid for this type of music in Calm...!
    Thank you, May God bless you with more peace and tranquility. This is so soothing to the 👂 xx
  • The Rain Sound
    We love the sound of the rain to relax and sleep. God bless everyone who is listening now.
  • Liliane dela
    J adore les orages et le bruit de la pluie rien de tel pour dormir et se reposer 🙏🏿🌦😴⭐⭐⭐⭐🌦
  • Bronson lkm
    Thanks, very dark screen ambience. Sounds of nature, listening to the rain n thunderstorm are so calming and smooth. Very refreshing and relaxing the mind n heart. Nature sounds are perfect for stress relief,sleep,relaxation n deep meditation. Awesome! Infinite love!🙏🤔
  • Michael Serby
    This is great , so relaxing hearing thunderstorms 🎶🎶🎵🎶 😎
    Thank you for posting this ... ... 💙 💤💤💤 💤💤💤 💤💤💤
    Sleep in peace everyone 💖 goodnight from America in the Great Midwest 🇺🇸 🌩⛈
  • Besa Bes
    The best for sleeping deeply! 👌Tank you😊
  • ⛈️As the rain cleanses our Earth, the sounds of it along with the thunder, gently rocks me to sleep.🛌💤
  • Nâme
    Merci pour cette vidéo génial pour les oreilles et pour faire un gros dodo bien sympa et ne pas entendre son réveille qui sonne le lendemain. 👍😁
  • Inter Historia
    This relaxes me to no end, I love the sound of rain to sleep to...
  • Miguel Sanchez
    Literally use this video every night to help me sleep !