One Hour Of Your Favourite BBC Earth Moments | BBC Earth

Published 2023-04-22
From hippos causing mayhem to three cheeky cheetahs, enjoy the moments of wonder that have captured the minds of the incredible BBC Earth community over the last year.


#EarthDay #BBCEarth

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All Comments (21)
  • @stunter2875
    Grateful for whoever gave David his first opportunity to narrate and probably the best hire of all time.
  • @Happs525
    The moment I hear Sir Attenborough's voice, just got to watch. All these years, it still gets me
  • Where to begin. The underwater scenes with the hippos. The lions and the tigers. Oh my goodness. Such beauty. Sir Attenborough is a gem that gets it! We owe a world of thanks for him. Thank you 💛
  • @heleninglis9961
    I always get super nostalgic when i hear Sir David's voice. I still get filled with childlike wonder when i watch these documentaries.
    Stephen Fry also does a good job, but nobody will ever take the crown from Sir David!
  • @Curiosityxxi
    It’s always a pleasure to be able to seat down and watch BBC’s wildlife content, especially narrated by Sir David Attenborough! 🙌
  • @simone222
    Thank you for 1 hr of wondrous earth moments! Will enjoy watching this with my 8 y/o son tonight, it's 9 pm in our neck of the woods. Have a good day.
  • @user-ol1vp3ns4w
    Sir Attenborogh is such an extraordinary narrator, just beyond any description!❤❤❤
  • @Lonesome__Dove
    Watching the dolphins n the bubbles brought me genuine joy.
  • @59771006
    The unmistakable voice of David Attenborough it’ll be a very sad day when he passes away as much as I don’t want him to pass away I know that he will and it’ll probably happen sooner than you think given the fact that he’s currently 97
  • Nothing ever replaces the beauty that nature offers. Blessing to the narrate.
  • Such incredible cinematography and sir Attenborough's narration
  • @jamesp31stTasker
    Im 34 yrs old and been hearing his voice on documentaries for as long as I can remember. Every time I hear his voice in documentaries it brings me back to being a child sitting in front of the tube with mom watching whatever animals on his tv,he always seemed to hold my attention somehow,and i was a very hyper child.
  • I've been looking for this voice for the past 2 weeks, it's just so awesome... can't resist to watch this documentaries
  • @RandomGuy-bn1wl
    I love the narrator's voice so much, its so calm I like it
  • @Amro_spective
    Such incredible cinematography and sir Attenborough's narration ❤
  • Nature's masterpiece is on full display within the enchanting landscapes of the animal world.