Uncle Roger LOVE The OG Uncle (Martin Yan)

Published 2023-09-17
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Original weejio:    • Recreate Chinese Restaurant Favorites...  

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Uncle Roger is the creation of comedian Nigel Ng.

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All Comments (21)
  • @revtoyota
    The one motto I will always remember from my childhood is "If Yan can cook, so can you!". The man is a legend.
  • @jhpak
    Yan didn't cook to show off his skills, he cooked to inspire us. A legend
  • @t0mlee11
    I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Martin Yan when I was helping teach at a high school last year. He's still just as witty and charismatic as he has always been. He even took a picture with me. Nice guy, he was showing a variety of students how to make various dishes and adding a bit of his own pizazz to it.
  • @fozziebear786
    Thank you for featuring Martin Yan. I grew up watching him in the 80s in Trinidad. So many people don't know this awesome man. You've inspired me to go back and watch his old episodes.
  • Martin Yan was the inspiration for me becoming a chef, such an amazing man and chef. I remember the episode after his son was born they carried him on to the set in a giant wok so Martin could introduce him to the world.
  • @Rokakaka
    Yan cooking wasn't the only good thing about him, his personality and how entertaining he is as well
  • @uqox
    I teared up. I watched him to learn how to cook in general. He was so straightforward about the ease of cooking. Loved his show.
  • @yusufbanna
    YanCanCook was the first cooking show I watched. It was in my childhood but still fresh in my memory, YAN coming to the show in a limosin was the intro of the show. I used to watch it with my mom.
    Now that I think of it, this show is the og show which inspired me to watch food based contents all my life.

    I love this show. the rhythmic chopping sound still invokes strong nostalgia from my childhood.
  • Martin Yan had the skills and charisma to make me watch a cooking show as a 10 year old. Martin Yan is indeed the OG.
  • I met this man a few months ago at a culinary conference. Was such a pleasure. He taught me so much.
  • What a great tribute. I always enjoyed Martin Yan when I was trying to grasp basic cooking skills, and he always held a special place in my heart. His fantastic technique along with his you can do it delivery really resonated with me. He’s a master.
  • Martin Yan introduced the world that Chinese food wasn’t just fried rice and chow mein. Martin Yan is a legend and the only person on tv with an Asian face in the 80’s and 90’s.
  • I loved watching Martin Yan on PBS in the eighties. I enjoyed his humor and how he did the food. He made it look less alien and is a good reason for Asian food making mainstream wayback in the day. I still have his cookbook; The Yan Can Cook Book.
  • @klayd2929
    This guy inspired so many children across the world to learn how to cook. Simply marvelous seeing and hearing clips from his show!
  • @robswander1
    Met Martin purely by random chance my first week of Culinary School in San Francisco. He was recording a special at one of the cooking stores. He was the nicest person you could imagine. Let my friends and I hang out and watch the shoot. At the end he gave us some great tips and advice.
  • You FINALLY review my culinary hero. His iconic line "If Yan can cook, so can you!" Gave me inspiration as a kid
  • Gyat dayum. Now that's a blast from the past. I remember watching him back in late 80's early 90's. Martin Yan is the sole reason i love cooking and eating good food. A really inspiring man. And remember guys, IF YAN CAN COOK SO CAN YOU!
  • I was lucky enough to meet and interview Mr. Yan back in the 2000s. He's a friend's Uncle (really) and he was gracious enough to let us bother him for a couple of hours. Mr. Yan was an incredible guy - nice, knowledgeable, and a force of nature. I was really impressed at his breadth of knowledge - from production, to business, to cooking. One of the highlights of my career.
  • @KHLthe2nd
    I watched him back in the 80s and 90s. I was entertained to no end. Martin is definitely a classic!