Is The Base Porsche 718 Cayman Not Worth It?

Published 2023-04-15
The base Porsche 718 Cayman is the cheapest sports car you can buy with a Porsche badge on it, but is it any good. And even more so, is it overprice? The Porsche Cayman has had its fair share of time out of the spotlight. As car enthusiast's almost were begging Porsche to give it more performance, it almost looked like it was falling on def ears as Porsche continued to give all the love to the 911.

But things changed recently for the Cayman. It started getting more performance. The desirability went up as it got bigger engines, better looks, and even more tech from the 911. So, Porsche listened! Kinda. In the 718 Cayman, Porsche took away the naturally aspirated flat 6 in the base level and replaced it with a 4 cylinder. Something the Cayman crowd wasn't very happy with. So did that ruin the base Cayman? Is it still the loved car that everyone wanted more performance for? Im going to find out in this video.

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  • @DriveSteady
    What do you think of the base Porsche Cayman?
  • @dannyhoward3437
    Most internet opinions about the Cayman are from people who’ve never driven one.
  • @DB-pc6rs
    People who say it's not worth probably can't afford it either way. I own a 17' Cayman, first thing you do is pull the fuse that eliminates the fake engine noise that is being pumped into the cabin, takes 2 minutes; then you get a tune from Softronic, or APR, immediately bumps torque/hp anywhere from 35-50 lb-ft/hp depending on octane level, takes your base to S territory for less than $1500; do this to an S and you outperform the GTS. The chassis is why you by the car, it's fantastic on a twisty road....
  • Porsche has become very profitable from cannibalizing its product lines, meaning a large amount of parts are shared between model lines. I own a 2017 Cayman S and it's well optioned, so no problem there. I must say this is the best car I've ever owned and I've had too many cars to remember over my 77 years. I think it sounds wonderful, even better in sport mode or sport+ and have no complaints about the performance, 350 HP is way more than enough to get you thrown in jail. I find these horsepower wars really silly, you simply can't use the power on the street. These are not race cars and how much time do you really spend at the track??? All I can tell you is that there a lot of Porsche snobs out there who stick their noses in the air to everything that's not a 911. Final thought, when the Porsche badge goes on the hood they're ALL Porsches.
  • @johnnyfraher
    I love my 2019 718 Base. For me to drive it to it's fullest, I would need driving lessons. My friend has a 2020 911 Carrera S, which is a fantastic car, but it's a foot longer, heavier and doesn't have a mid-engine . . . I have the six-speed. I love the shifter. So crisp and mechanical.
  • @scottbuffdaddy
    Im still looking for that 70 thousand dollar corvette. Lol
  • I have had my 718 base 5 years and Love it, love the PDK too, power seats wit air and heat. Had my 09 Cayman 10 years Loved it also, daily drivers, you won’t be disappointed.😊
  • @AleVar24
    718 if you want balance, handling, precise and clean drive. BMW M if you want power, oversteering, fun and corrections.
  • @apostle4122
    Having a base model 718 with some mods and tune. It honestly punches above its weight class for the price. Yes, I bought mine used that already had the suspension upgraded, but I will add that its a lot of car still. Porsche Engineering makes 300 hp perform and feel like a 4-500 hp front engine counterpart in the same price range. I think many people would rather opt for the Cayman S for the bigger 2.5L engine but for myself I could not justify a 10-12k premium for a car that I could match with a $2k tune and have the $10k extra to put towards servicing and general ownership costs.
  • @randyland1000
    Just got a 718 base boxter... PDK is awesome ... great car.
  • @Giggiyygoo
    I daily drove a 2017 base Cayman, 6 speed manual for years. Fantastic car. Sure, the older ones sounded a little better, but the new one beats it in every other way.
  • @rboddington
    I own this exact car. It is incredible and has way more power than you could ever use on public roads. It is beautiful to look at, and it's mid engine, which means it is much safer to drive than the widow maker the 911.
  • @mcesarey
    I traded a 2013 Boxster for a 2017 and it's night and day. The 2013 sounded great but the 718 is in a different league. It's a ridiculously quick car, whereas the 981 couldn't beat a v6 Camaro...the 718s are very, very worth it.
  • @jonfrench7133
    You’ve just got to drive to appreciate the engineering integrity and sheer joy. There’s lots of YT wannabes with opinions but trust your own
  • @msbrownbeast
    The 4-banger puts out more bang than the flat 6 that it replaced.
  • @josephlim8941
    I managed to test drive 718 base. After owning 987.1 S in manual. I wanted to see how flat four turbo compares. I’ve got to say, I prefer my 987.1 S over 718. My flat six produces a series of sound that ends with a grunt that sounds like a lions purr. 718 flat four turbo has its own series of sound but it’s more high pitch. My hydraulic vs. electronic steering has more feel for the road. Shifting my analog gears is like loading a finely tuned rifle. Brakes are really good for both. Handling is same as they’re both mid engine. Though my centre mass is heavier given I have bigger engine. The weight difference is 2900lbs vs. 3100lbs roughly.
  • @chasruss212r
    We are taking delivery of our first Porsche next week, a 2024 Cayman 2.0L PDK that we ordered in Feb.. This video gave me a good overview of what to expect, and I don't think we'll be disappointed. Our 2019 Audi A5 Cpe also has a 2.0L turbo and I have no complaints about the power it has, so the 300hp Caymen is going to be just fine. We can't wait to get it.
  • @rastgo4432
    Very awesome car, hope you review G wagon and Lamborghini as well, keep up the amazing work
  • Actually, I like to push a button. This obession with electronicising everything has gone too far