Sugar is Not a Treat | Jody Stanislaw | TEDxSunValley

Published 2017-12-12
Sugar is hiding everywhere in today's widely-accepted diet, but meanwhile its devastating effects are creating more deaths than automobile accidents. In this eye-opening talk, Dr. Jody Stanislaw, a Naturopathic Doctor who has been studying the negative effects of sugar since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 7, dives into how the widespread negative effects of sugar are effecting us all, and what you can do about it. Dr. Jody Stanislaw received her Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2007. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator, Type 1 Diabetes Specialist, and a founding board member of the Low Carb Diabetes Association. Having lived with Type 1 Diabetes since the age of seven, she has dedicated her career to helping others with Type 1. From her 30+ years of experience, she teaches life-changing information about how to successfully manage Type 1 that most physicians have never learned, and the millions struggling with Type 1 desperately need to know.
Patients from over thirty states and ten countries have worked with her via her virtual practice. Yet there are millions around the world still struggling. To tackle this gap, she will soon be launching the first-ever, Type 1 diabetes virtual training course, with the goal of improving the lives of millions of Type 1’s around the world. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • tumourfreetim
    To fight stage 4 lung cancer I made 39 diet and lifestyle changes. No refined sugar was 1st change. Given 3 months to live in feb 2017. Today happily tumourfreetim
  • Adriana A.
    I felt she was talking directly to me. Ive been hitting the sugar so hard lately and gaining so much weight! I feel scared for my health. Loved this talk.
  • Mightily Oats
    I was once at a social gathering where many sugar-filled treats were present. A lady acquaintance, seeing my obvious struggle against indulging said something that's always stuck with me.:

    "It helps if you don't look at it like it's real food."
  • Carrie Cree
    20 years ago I was a sugar junkee. I began to have symptoms of fibromyalgia and felt like an old woman. I changed my diet completely and lost 50 lbs. All the pain and symptoms went away. The initial struggle to give up certain foods is difficult, but the alternative is a good motivation for anyone who has the will to live.
  • Frank Roper
    She has taken a negative in her life and turned it into a positive by helping people stay healthy and off sugary foods!
  • rnbham39
    As an RN in critical care medicine for the last 20 years...this was SPOT ON!!! People just do not realize the horror of diabetes and obesity...Like the lady below me said, the pain of regret is so so much worse than the pain of discipline. We joke around and say it's our job security but the reality is that it's sad because it is so reversible. It's never too late to change your lifestyle.
  • DoubleDS9
    "We've been so brainwashed to think that sugar on a daily basis is okay." Absolutely. This is the key quote. Thank you Jody!
  • Thank you, no one has ever explained the pancreas and beta cells in a way I could easily understand before. You did it in a few sentences! Thanks so much.
  • As a 61-year-old super ager I try to explain this extremely spot on concept to my friends and family. Everyone around me is so addicted to carbohydrates and sugar. They asked me how do you stay so healthy when I give them the answer they say “oh I can’t do that”
    I save my breath for those who want to learn how to be healthy.
  • Julia Blue
    My type 2 diabetes was so out of control, I was heart attack and stroke levels. I went keto. 20 g of carbs a day. No sugar. No grains or processed foods. My BP went from 312/148 to (today) 122/85. My blood sugar went from 368 to 145 and still dropping. I eat 6 hours a day. A huge salad with Avocado and a protein meal of seafood etc. Snacks are pistachios. I have never felt better. No more cravings. I feel free. And my future is looking so much brighter. You are so so right.
  • Giving up sugar was one of the best things I've ever done, for my moods, my health, and everything. Thank you for promoting this important message!
  • Lucas González
    I started experiencing inflammation everywhere which led to memory loss, chest pains, blurry vision, disorientation, etc. The moment I switched to a whole food leafy green diet, all those symptoms stoped and are now quickly getting better. So glad I was recommended this video.
  • June Chamberlin
    This is a very good, necessary talk! Unfortunately, the 80/20 rule is a fallacy. For most of us, sugar becomes an addictive food, even in a small amount. So one cookie becomes 100 cookies. It’s actually easier to commit to 100% sugar free than to even be 98% sugar free. Once the body is completely free of the sugar addiction, the cravings go away.
  • Dubidu
    "use meals the way they were intended to be: To fuel you into greatness." Wow. What a great speech!!
  • Wisearts1
    I read SUGAR BLUES and THE SUGAR ADDICT'S DIET twenty years ago and they changed my life! Quitting sugar cured me of a horrible illness - Graves Disease. It's so great to see that this message has finally gone mainstream. ❤😁🍳
  • Sheherzadi
    Absolutely agree, being a firm believer in regards to sugar and salt, junk and anything unhealthy and not in limits can lead to deadliest results. Above all being a mother myself we have continued the culture of no sugar for our son. We replaced sugar with natural honey, healthy colourful looking, tasteful spiced up food and herbs. I can literally see the difference in his personality and kids of his age. People always ask me how do I have kept this balance, one answer role model. We don't eat it so he doesn't. Even we are practicing with our son not to follow others even if he starts school. We do give him tiny bit but that's only on occasions that's it. He's so calm, collected less fussy and more energetic and in tune with himself and with environment. I can't genuinely mention all those amazing benefits here as the list is reallyyyy long of teaching yourself and your kids about no sugar and healthy eating. Plllllease especially parents if you really want change in your kids, start with yourself first.
  • One thing I remember over the years is something a smart nutritionist once told me. She said sugar is like eating glass, it just tears through your system and every organ in the body and creates damage. That damage over time accumulates and result in the peripheral damage to feet, neuropathy, blindness and kidney failure etc. Alzheimers is now known as type three diabetes. I have a friend that is 49 and is diabetic, still eats everything and does insulin, has had to have shots into his eyes, has problems with his feet and now is in late stage kidney failure and needs a transplant. He is a shadow of who he was even three years ago.
  • Beth Rider
    Thank you for educating us into better health. Praying that someday all medical doctors will have to go through nutritional training so they can treat the whole patient and not just smack a pill on a problem. You are an asset to your patients!!
  • Basement Berean
    I'm off sugar completely and I feel great. Sweets don't even register as food in my mind anymore. I have no appetite for sugar at all. Long live beta cells!
  • Kalann Washington
    I watched this video during a water fast a few days ago and it inspired me to dramatically cut back on sugar and to see what would happen if I only ate Whole Foods and minimally processed meat (ground Turkey).

    I got sick!

    Or at least I thought I was: as soon as I ate a little sugar I felt better.

    Sugar withdrawal is crazy!

    And so I doubled down on the decided to only allow fruits and naturally occurring sugar (minus a Gatorade at a dance event) in, and gluten-free for good measure

    I haven’t felt this good in so long.

    Mentally, emotionally, it’s like the rhythm of a Bob Marley song is going through my soul.

    Excited to see how this plays out!