THE FORGIVEN Trailer (2022)

Published 2022-05-19
THE FORGIVEN Trailer (2022) Jessica Chastain, Matt Smith, Ralph Fiennes, Drama Movie
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  • 290revolver290
    The fact that Ralph Fiennes is yet to receive an Academy Award is so unfathomable.
  • Dario Jovicic
    Jessica Chastain is getting more and more favorit to me in my top 5 actresses list off this era and time i love her acting
  • The set up is thrilling.
    The acting looks great, the cast is.
    The production value is very good.
    I am in.
  • midnyteblues
    If it has Jessica Chastain, I’m watching. Simple as that. Pure raw beauty and talent out of this world.
  • White Quetzal
    I actually anticipate him being forgiven, one of the epic improvements on past legal systems in politicized sharia was that you as the family of the murdered can literally forgive murder and have no punishment assigned to the culprit. This is a great way to end revenge killing cycles and should be looked at as a contribution to the development of advanced laws equal to Hammurabi's code.
    Wow, looks great. Some A-List talent in a movie that looks original rather than a superhero flick or lame reboot of something we have seen a million times.
  • Trisha
    Jessica Chastain is my favorite actress. She has class and picks the best parts to
  • Richie Sorge
    I have been waiting for this movie for nearly two years now. Best things come to those who can wait
  • peperoncino
    I will watch any movie that has Chastain in it 👌
  • Ralph Fiennes is yet to receive an Academy Award is so unfathomable.
    Waiting for this masterpiece
  • traveller
    Looks excellent and love these two, so I'll be seeing this soon on the big screen.🍿
  • Tomo Maric
    Great watch. The acting, locations and the story about justice and forgiveness in a scenario where one culture meets the other.
    Went somewhat under the radar.
  • John Wood
    Looks suspenseful and intelligent , I am IN !
  • Matthew McGuirk
    An interesting and original concept. I will give it a watch for that alone.
  • Redbunnytail
    Wow. This looks really good. Looks kinda complicated for someone like me, but I can follow a complicated story if there are a lot of bright colors and the movie is set in a cool foreign place. Haven't seen Ralph Fiennes since 'Spectre.' And. I didn't know that was Jessica Chastain, until I read some of the comments. I'm hoping Fiennes' character survives the story, minus the um .. Chastain character. I guess 'cheating' is a part of life, but dudes, who play the 3rd party, are rarely people you can get behind, even if the plot tries to stack it his way. Seems like yesterday, I saw 'the English Patient.' Hated the movie, except the Fiennes character was very memorable. He looks like a really cool dude in the desert. Maybe it's that English twang to him. I wish I had that.
  • Julie Kirk
    IDK if this is gonna b it ..but I wish they would make another EPIC movie like The English Patient
  • Adeeb Hamad
    2022 is looking to be a good year for film