Jesse Watters: The Clintons' crooked connections

Published 2022-05-30
Fox News host Jesse Watters describes the corruption behind the 'most famously crooked couple' in the United States, Bill and Hillary Clinton, on 'Jesse Watters Primetime.'
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All Comments (21)
  • Dennis Ford II
    Everyone knows they are evil and corrupt. The question is ...when are they gonna be held accountable ?
  • mj Rotondi
    I feel sorry for us, the people. For the MOST part, we are good people. We are being put through too much trauma .
    We don't deserve to be cheated, robbed and exposed to wicked politicians. They mock us, spit in our
    faces and laugh at our pain when we are at our worse. Now ELITES are being exposed at child molesters, trafficers
    and so much more. How is this happening? Prayer is strong . We pray 🤲 together.
  • Bennie Barrow
    What’s more amazing is the help they received to pull this off. Without their normal cronies in the media, corporations and Hollywood this would have went nowhere. Had a conservative done an 1/8th of these the prison doors would have been slammed shut almost immediately.
  • Cheesy Goodness
    When you have the words "body count" attached to your last name, something ain't right.
  • Kevin Casey
    I wonder how many of these Politicians could stand up to the level of scrutiny that Donald Trump has.
  • Ryer
    I remember hearing a lot of this throughout the years and yet NOTHING happens to these criminals. Now their horrible daughter is just like them.
  • Wes Marshall
    Don’t forget how many people mysteriously disappeared, were killed, or took the long sleep that were connected or knew information about these two.
  • Seth Richardson
    I’m glad someone finally told this story without disappearing first
  • Myafghanangel
    Oh Jesse! Please be careful. You are smart, talented, have a real life, a promising future and many people who really love you.
    These people are dangerous. If they weren't, they'd be in prison.
  • Lock these criminals up ..How many of their ex business partners and close associates are dead ?? All of them under very odd circumstances ???? Way too many to be a coincidence !!
  • Pastor Hembree
    This couple has been stealing from America for years, thank you for reminding me of some of the things I had forgotten. Pray for our country!
  • Jerry Rhodes
    Bill Clinton's speeches is just like Hunter's art. That's all I got to say about that.
  • Nitram Martin
    Hahaha. She is so crooked that just using crooked by itself, you know what someone is talking about. Great piece!
  • Let's be real
    The term "suicided," doesn't encompass the Clinton crime family for no reason.
    Let us bow our heads for a moment and remember the many hero's who have fallen victim to these horrible people. Speaking out against them, and laying their lives on the line so that we the people could know the truth
  • Maxine O'T
    I think the Clinton story is so much deeper and darker than anyone could ever imagine.
  • Max Bang
    Jesse, surely you meant absolute criminality, not only "corruption". Stacking a jury just shows how deep that criminal cabal goes!!!!!
  • Cinde
    Thank you Jesse for putting the whole timeline together. Younger people have no idea of the depths of the Bill and Hill crime show. They are both lying dog faced pony soldiers. HC is the worst. You forgot about the Lincoln Bedroom. Weren't they renting it out? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🦅
  • Truth 888
    Keep this kind of story alive forever Jesse. Let the common-sense people wake up.
  • Rosa Lopez
    God bless Jesse And protect from the 👿 people.
  • Seektruth1
    Way to go Jesse in revealing the facts. Keep it up 👍🏻