Honig explains what possible Trump criminal referral could look like

Published 2022-07-04
CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig breaks down the types of federal charges former President Donald Trump could face if the January 6 committee makes a criminal referral to the Justice Department. #CNN #News

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  • The Dork Room
    The problem I have with this is that we have no idea how fast or slow DOJ is going. Why? Exactly because they're doing their jobs and not talking. If you were in Garland's position, would you advertise your next move? Or would you let tRump and his clown car of morons sweat it out wondering when it all hits the fan? Garland is a ninja. Justice is coming.
  • Forget political implications! We asked those witnesses to testify for the sake of truth. They are threatened, and harassed, and to hear those politicians being scared of the political consequences is very concerning. They have to show guts.
  • Bodhisattva
    If Trump isn’t indicted, prosecuted, convicted and imprisoned, the time left for this country will be cut seriously short. The repeated injustices in our “pay to play” judicial system have brought this nation to a breaking point and Trump escaping responsibility once again will surely be the last straw!
  • blues mamarara
    The DOJ "policy" of not charging anyone w/in 60-90 days of an election is not a law, it's just a policy, which is more of a courtesy they don't deserve. DOJ needs to charge them the minute they are ready, even if they are in office. These ppl committed crimes against the country, & must face the consequences of those crimes. Bring them to justice.
  • peter plouf
    The flip side to Cassidy is that there are many other people who were present who will be outed as traitors to their oath of duty by NOT telling their story. about what they knew or saw.
  • Ernest Paul
    The whole country, meaning the citizens of this country, need to understand one thing. This IS NOT political retribution. It is applying the laws of this country to individuals, regardless of political party / socio-economic status / perceived position(s) of former or current power / etcetera, as has been intended from the very start of this nation. If it is noted or suspected that a particular criminal act or acts have been perpetrated against this country's laws and The Constitution and it has been duly investigated, then that person or persons need to be indicted, prosecuted and if found guilty, sentenced to the MAXIUM time in prison that the law allows. Or if the law has a clause in it for the death penalty, then so be it. There should be no home confinement, no probation, no credit for time served for pre-trial confinement because they were an extreme flight risk, nothing but the best for those that would subvert our government and our way of life for their personal benefit. Those that physically assaulted the Capitol in the failed (temporarily) attempted coup have been given way too much leniency by the courts. Not one has been given a sentence that would deter even the mildest manner person from attempted a second round.
  • Tigs2
    It doesn’t matter how it is going to look, what matters is how quickly it is done.
  • Richard Quick II
    Everybody should contact the DOJ directly. The Dept. of Justice maintains a secure website. It takes 3-5 minutes to visit their Contact page; the online form needs only name and email, and if you take a screen print you will have a record with a timestamp.
  • “Kentucky is one of the most federally dependent states in the nation, Kentucky receives $2.15 in federal money for every dollar of taxes paid. Pay your fair share Kentucky no more Freeloading!!
  • Keith Mead
    Hi Brianna, I'm glad that you're covering this issue. The more we talk about it, the more it might come true. Keep putting pressure on Merritt Garland and the DOJ!
  • Dawn Broadbent
    7:28 - That 90 policy is now out the window after what Comey did in 2016. The DOJ should feel absolutely free to indict within that 90 day window now.
  • Bob Johnson
    Well said by Honig, Garlands DOJ has moved at a snail pace from the beginning. Garlands reluctance to act swiftly across the board during the past 18 months is no less than shameful. and it literally claws to the heart of the departments own mission statement. Lastly the DOJ can and should take action independently, the select Committee is doing their job, how about the DOJ do there's.
  • Joeni Snapje
    Would be hilarious if they suddenly make like 50 criminal referrals at once, especially if conspiracy charges includes the fox traitors and Ginni Thomas 🤣👍🏻
  • C Cole
    The fact that it took 19 months for the DoJ to even BEGIN looking at Eastman's phone, at all the coup planners, is inexcusable.
  • m
    They have to make an example of the Citrus in Chief so as to discourage others from trying to pull a coups in the future because the next guy might not be as feckless as Annoying Orange was.
  • Judy Bargenquast
    This is about holding ALL accountable for the insurrection. ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO PLANNED IT, FINANCED IT, TOOK AN ACTIVE PART IN IT AND AIDED AND ABETTED IT. They should be PERMANENTLY REMOVED FROM OFFICE. Anything less will lead to the destruction of our democracy. This is much MUCH more than just a political outcome. This incenses me to even hear that.
  • Remembering that this whole mess is because one narcissist couldn't accept that he lost and a bunch of cynical politicians realized they could use his psychopathy for their own cynical purposes.
  • GT Nismo
    For the first time in 20 years, as a liberal, it's possible that I'd vote for Liz Cheney for president. There are still heavy doubts about voting for a republican and it depends on the democratic or progressive candidates. The point is that, voting for Cheney isn't completely off the table.
  • Keith Smith
    Close the door of opportunity and let the indictments roll. They've had enough time to come clean.
  • Darvin Charles
    Whoever’s reading this, i pray that whatever your going through gets better and whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day! Amen