RM '들꽃놀이 (with 조유진)' Official MV

Published 2022-12-01
RM 'Wild Flower (with youjeen)' Official MV

Director: Woogie Kim

Executive Producer: Katt Kim, Hyunwoo Nam
Head Of Studio: Kyuwon Seo
Account Executive: Jisoo Chung
Communications Coordinator: Brady Yoon

Directors Assistant: Yurok Jang
Creative & Production: Sungjoo Han
Production Coordinator: Kaly Ngo
Creative Treatment: Eva Li

Director Of Photography: Jinhyuk Lee
1st AC: Hong Kang
2nd AC: Seunggyu Yoo
2nd 2nd AC:Seungnggi Jang
3rd AC: Gyeongui Hong
DIT: Gunwoo Jung
Camera B 1st: Jihwang Kim
Camera B 2nd: Jeajoon Ryu
Camera B 3rd: Minho Kim
Camera EQ Driver: Bong Jin Kim, Won Bae Park

Gaffer: Seungnam Yoon (BESTBOY)
Lighting Team: Inguk Hong, Taeyoung Kim, Joonmin Yang, Joonhyung Lim, Minjoon Kim, Junghoon Joo, Jongseung Song
Generator: Inman Hwang
Crane Operator: Daesik Seo

Production Art Design Director: Minkyu Jeon (Rekindle)
Art Department: Yesol Kim, Jiwoo Park, Youngmi Kim, Sanghoon Lee, Yoonhwan Kim, Geon Heo
Floral Design Director: Hwa Lee
Floral Design Team: Chanyeon Ha, Maru Cho, Min Woo Son
Structure Team: Song Kang Jeon

VFX Director: Daeyoung Byun (Second Floor)
VFX Supervisor: Dae Young Byun
2D Composite Lead: Ayoung Lee
2D Composite Artist: Youngjun Ko, Chea Young Kim
3D/FX Lead: Hyeju Kang
3D/FX Artist: Geo Young You
Project Manager: Seo Yun Kim

DI Team Lead: Jiyun Yeom (Lucid Color)
DI Producer: Onew Kim
DI Team: Somi Na, Suhyeon Bae, Mirim Lee, Jiwon Seo, Eunseo Choi, Hyeonsong Ko
Beauty Compositing: Go Moonyoung (Post Emotion)

Location Manager: Sepil Jang, Jimin Son (Viewfinder)

Traditional Fireworks Team Lead: Jaebok Cho
Traditional Fireworks Team: Yunok Gong, Sunae Park, Yongnyeo Seo, Son Okhe, Seeun Lee, Giju Jeong, Geum Hoe Jeong, Aeja Seo, Myeongok Kim, Sunok Lee, Seonja Kim, Sunja Jeong, Hyunja Kim, Byeongsu Lee, Myeongwon Seo, Minwoo Park, Byeongwoo Seo, Byeong Joon Lee, Hong Won Seo

Firework Team Lead: Hyungseok Yuk
Firework Team: Jongho Hong, Giinam Kang, Gijin Song
SFX Team: Yungyun Shin, Giseong Kim, Semin Oh

Jimmy Jib Operator: Yoongu Ji
Jimmy Jib Assist: Jinho Yoo, Euntaek Bae

Techno Crane: Taehyun Choi, Jisoo Woo, Anjun Hwan, Beomki Lee, Jaeun Kim (Service Vision)

Steadicam Operator: Sungwook Park
Steadicam Operator Assist: Youngwook Song

FPV Operator: Minjae Lee (Godfinger)
FPV Assist: Joonhwan Cha, Youngjoon Park, Sungjae Hwang, Euntae Lee

Key Grip: Hosik Moon
Grip: Janghee Park,Sangkyo Kim, Hyungjoon Kim

Runner Team Lead: Dongwang Huh
Runner Team: Yonghyeon Yoo, Seulgi Hong, Jonghun, Jinu Jeong, Hakmin Kim, Juneun Park, Hyodong Lee
Covid Officer: Juyong Park
Security: Dongwon Gam, Hongbin Lim, Yeonggyun Jang, Seungsu Kim Chanjae Park, Seong Jeong Kang, Byeongho Kim, Seungheon Park

BIGHIT MUSIC. Rights are reserved selectively in the video. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Manufactured by BIGHIT MUSIC, Seoul, Korea.

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  • @bangxtogether158
    I've never seen someone who writes such an incredible and meaningful lyrics the way RM does it
  • @martapiazza
    So intense and deep that I can't express the emotional waves this song gives me, thank you Namjoon you are a real artist 💜
    I feel a profound connection to you every time I listen to this artwork.
  • Намджун достоин награды как лучший лидер ВТС.
  • A mí siempre me sorprende mucho NAMJOON el amor que tiene por sus canciones y el mensaje que nos ase sentír tantas emociones
  • Llegando a los 70 M que emoción, gracias a todos los que estan apoyando, fighting
  • Such a beautifull voice RM! These songs means everythin! Keep going❤❤
  • @Vivih_dograu
    MV - 100%
    AESTHETIC - 100%
    VISUAL - 100%
    VOCAL - 100%
    KINGS- 100%
    STYLE - 100%
    BEAUTIFUL - 100%
  • Ya hace cinco meses que salió está joyita y la sigo escuchando como el primer día hermosa canción te apoyaré siempre Namjoon vengo de escuchar don't ever say love me
  • @hc6422
    Presiento que Nam sacara una canción en estos próximos días y yo solo le ruego a todos los santos que existen para que las personas que aun no reconocen su hermoso talento, lo hagan, el se merece el cielo, el mundo y todo el amor que existe
  • Vamos por esos 70 millones, sigan reproduciendo, hagamos que RM gane un premio antes de ir al ejército, ¡FIGTHING! FUERZAAAAA ARMYYYYY.
  • @yourmirae5001
    Congrats for being Ambassador RM. You're such great guy!
  • @crazify6215
    MV - 100%
    VISUAL - 100%
    VOCAL - 100%
    LEADER - 100%
    STYLE - 100%
    NAMJOON - 100%
  • Casi 6 meses desde esta hermosa canción, demos mucho apoyo a Nam.
  • @bfrne
    This song is both hauntingly beautiful and straight-up soul-crushing at the same time.
  • How well is RM,everyone knows, really it can't be described in words. I am here everyday for this beautiful song from our wonderful leader. I will support him forever and that I promised by my heart!!!!!!
  • @hcmc3052
    Namjoon é extraordinário. Que artista impecável. Esse homem é um talento puro.
  • One of my favorite song and mv ever and for ever. Thanks RM and Youjeen (⁠。⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠。⁠)