Twitch Chat and I invaded USA with Artificial Intelligence

Published 2022-09-20
The sequel to the greatest board game of all time.

This was streamed live on Twitch!
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All Comments (21)
  • I love how every single peaceful attempt by Doug to acquire a new state becomes hijacked by the General violently invading the state instead and committing more and more war crimes
  • Yugix
    I love how doug's plans are "give corn to Idaho so they join" and then Chat's plans are "SEND THE SPACE POPE AND SAUL TO THE SUN SO THEY CAN FORCE GOD TO LEGALLY AQUIRE OREGON"
  • Aries Demiurge
    Ya know, with how the AI usually doesn't care about continuity, and just brings back dead characters like nothing happened, the sheer fact that it remembered Saul Goodman died, and had him explicitly come down from heaven to kill the Dougkotan army, I cannot.
  • oliver j.
    I’m going to be honest, saying “If you ever want to see your wife again, you better join us” to your own husband is an incredible power play
  • Chat: Complains about Doug knowing Saul's number
    Also chat: Has an Alien Doctor Vampire as their emperor and an army from the moon.
  • Blasphemy, love, sports, betrayal, corn, religion, war, comedy, lore. This story has everything.
  • TGKawikachu
    How has chat over the course of two episodes acquired both heaven and hell while Doug has gotten corn and beer
  • SpyNix07
    I love how Saul was always on Chatlantis' side. The assassination was merely a step in the Space Pope, Saul, and Jim's side.
  • Sonia’s Way
    The fact that chat planned killing Saul for him to both kill the Dougkota's army and sue God to adquire the Heaven had me attonishing
  • Jean G
    The NFL storyline has me in tears. Two teams and no comissioner sounds like the best possible timeline.
  • MrFlyerKiller
    So Chat got Europe, USA, Heaven, Hell AND the moon. That's the greatest series of Internet, please do more. You have Space to go invade now !
  • Pidge
    The crazy thing is that Saul Goodman was the MVP of the entire video and he wasn’t even considered a resource for either one of the armies at any point.
  • Starting out as a comic relief character, only to get the most screen time out of any character and becoming the emotional crux of the story, is the ultimate Saul Goodman move.
  • Yog Vegat
    I love how chat has acquired: seductive space pope,heaven and hell,magical emperor,USA and europe

    Doug:corn and beer and man lost the bloody beer
  • JB
    Doug is the older brother that lets younger brother chat do whatever they want to win.
  • Deku Kitty
    This series is so great. Doug actually trying to be strategic and planning his moves only to fail, and chat doing the most random shit and somehow having it work out in their favor is endlessly hilarious.
  • chiffon
    saul is canonically (in the chatistan/chatlantia and doug army universe) the most powerful man to have ever lived, died, and been reborn as an angel
  • Clemenbee
    Saul when Doug hires him: barely acquires Idaho with help from Mel
    Saul when chat hires him: acquires 4 states, the NFL, Heaven, Jesus, and becomes an angel and destroys Doug's army
  • Adrian02V7
    Saul is the embodiment of a wild card for chat. He literally killed Jesus at the end