How Texas woman survived 5 days stranded in Ariz. desert

Published 2017-04-01
Amber VanHecke, a 24-year-old college student, was on a spring break trip alone to the when her car ran out of gas.

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  • I would never, NEVER drive alone into the dessert with 1/3 a tank filled and no extra canisters. That’s actually insane.
  • She made a few mistakes to get herself into that ordeal, but once she was in trouble she DID EVERYTHING RIGHT. Proud of that girl! Happy she made it out!
  • Given how smart this young lady was about everything after she was stranded, I'm actually surprised that she only put 1/3 tank of gas in and also that she drove so long and far down an obviously very isolated road with very little fuel. But we all make mistakes; at least she'll have the opportunity to live and learn from this one. It sounds like she was very strong physically and mentally; I'm sure those attributes helped enormously. And she clearly has a beautiful relationship with her father; knowing how much a person is loved and would be missed gives us all extra strength! I'm so happy to know this young woman survived and hope everyone has a wonderful evening!
  • The part where the Dad said he was looking for her in the wrong place broke my heart. I don’t want to imagine what that poor daddy felt.
  • @rustytr
    Being alive never tastes so sweet until something like this happens to you. Amazing young lady way to go!
  • “I should have never trusted google maps” I feel those words, wise words everyone can live by.
  • @jeanP924
    I cracked a tear at the end when her dad was overcome with emotion.
    Many people go missing every year, everyday actually. and this is a reason to keep hope they will reunited very soon!
  • @3Lydiann
    She learned lessons the very hard way! My friend and I did a road trip and I wrote all the directions down on a piece of paper...including where all stops could be found for food and gas and how far out... brought gallons of water with me and a full tank of gas. My friend laughed at first... but thanked me later when we were HOURS in the middle of NOWHERE with No service!
  • @cleanpuppy2555
    Amber is such a strong soul, I could not imagine the way I’d feel to be stuck in the dessert for 5 DAYS! Feeling hopeless, feeling and believing that maybe no one is looking for you , having to record a goodbye video to your family… and obviously the physical damage. Gosh what a blessing
  • @suze6083
    Oh it broke my heart when she said that the only thing she was thinking was “I want my daddy”, because that’s our primal instinct when we fear for our life…we want our mom and dad, no matter how old we are. I’m so glad she made it out of there. Bless her heart. That poor thing.
  • @laourse1751
    I'm so proud of her. She saved herself and it's impressive.
  • When I moved out near the desert my father was insistent that I never get below a half tank of gas. I’m so glad my father gave me that advice and I’m very glad she’s ok.
  • This story has me in tears. I can only imagine how scared she and her parents were. My goodness!!! I'm so glad she was smart to do the things she did that got her rescued.
  • Her story gives me chills and regardless what mistakes she made..anyone could have made those mistakes! Everyone can take away something valuable from this story. The things she did right saved her and could save someone else.
  • @sovereign3351
    I'm glad this story had a happy ending you could tell how much Stephen loves his daughter that was genuine emotion and it definitely struck me pretty hard as a father myself 😥
  • So thankful she is sharing her story. I can’t imagine how scary that must’ve been. I usually travel alone and sometimes lose cell signal when hiking in the woods/mountains but her warnings made me realize to be careful next time <3
  • @Alteori
    8:15 I'm in tears crying alongside her. Omg I am so happy she's ok. This felt like a whole movie and it must have been a nightmare for her. MORAL OF THE STORY, FILL UP YOUR TANK! My mom and I learned from watching horror movies and we never let our cars go beyond the half mark. Her training helped her out tremendously. Wow.
  • @Dropofloves
    Watching her daddy cry because he was looking in the wrong place breaks my heart I’m so happy she’s OK🥺
  • I grew up in rural, northern Nebraska, where winters are BRUTAL. My step dad would randomly check my car in the winter, and if my tank was ever below 3/4 or half of a tank, I would get in so much trouble (because it could mean the difference between life and death if I ever broke down - this was before everyone had cell phones). The same concept applies to the desert. As parents, we need to hammer home with our kids the importance of keeping a full tank of gas in remote areas.