I've Driven my Rivian 1500 Miles! - And something already broken...

Published 2022-05-31
Its time to see how the Rivian Holds up with daily use and trucky situations... Get a free shaker from HUEL here: jlinks.io/jerryrigeverything Huge thanks to Huel for sponsoring this video. I'm a huge fan of electric vehicles - and ive been looking forward to this Rivian R1T for the past 3 years. How does it hold up after 2 months of doing real world truck stuff though? Today we find out. Unfortunately something is already broken...

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All Comments (21)
  • Anonym
    I like that you really use your truck, not like most people just buying it with no need or use. You’re a real truck guy.
  • Ergo42
    Any safety system that prevents driving depends on perspective. How common is that preventing driving due to open door saves a life compared to needing to take off quickly in an emergency: falling tree, bear attack, volcano. I wouldn't want to be dealing with a door jam due to a bush while trying to take off from a grizzly or moose attack. I'll vote for the driver being in full control of safety, as they are the one responsible for the vehicle. The vehicle on the other hand doesn't have the intelligence to determine when to correctly adjust safety measure depending on the situation.
  • HereIgoAgain
    "I'm no expert on the statistics, but I feel like more accidents happen while your moving." Pure gold. Great review. Enjoy your R1T, and good luck on your off-road wheelchairs.
  • Warsign01
    The door closing issue is probably due to not enough inertia do to the mass of the door. Ford had to add ballast to the outer edge of their doors when they went to aluminum.
  • Good Time Luke
    This video is produced so well! The camera placement, locations, and vocal presentation were great. Plus the content seemed like it had a lot of thought, care, and experience behind it. Thank you for making this, it was fun and informative to watch!
  • Bill LaBrie
    I think a genius solution to the automatic bed cover issue would be to not have an automatic bed cover.
  • ThreeTwentyTech
    This channel went from smart phones to electric vehicles and I'm not even mad 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Robert Zambrana
    A widget-based dash would be smart. Get your speed by default but then you can add what gauges or numeric display widgets you want, delete the stuff you don't, and you're spot-on about how those cams would be useful for more than security!
  • Commander ZiN
    How good are Rivian at warranties and fixing your tray cover?
    That'd be interesting.
  • wil
    A full trip through spanish fork canyon and back is no joke. Beautiful shots up what seemed to be skyline as well.
  • Caleb Belk
    Darn it. Even with the inconveniences, I still want the Rivian R1T so bad! Great vid!
  • The Unorthodox
    This is the only channel where I don't skip the sponsored segment. Your voice is that angelic and alluring.
  • Jon Rettinger
    Great video asl awalys. Totally fair complaints, especially the doors. I have a service appt for my cover as well, getting some weird noises on closing.
  • Isfer Fun
    This is very interesting and please keep us informed on the all & about this e-truck on daily uses and abuses. I've been waiting for somebody to post something like this. Thanks J & great content.
  • Jon Mallard
    Try a little experiment with regard to the door closing issue. Just open a window on each side of the truck and try to close the doors again. If the doors close easier with the windows open a bit, its an interior venting issue. Most cars have hidden vents built into the interior to prevent air from getting trapped inside and compressing when closing the doors. The compressed air will try to rebound the doors back open. If the venting is insufficient, it can cause that difficult door closing issue.
  • Brent Edwards
    Hey first time here. Love the video, for your door close issue try cracking the windows just a little bit. I feel it has to do with how tightly they seal up. Kenworth semis are the same way. Just a guess to try.
  • Jan Sean
    You cannot get a Tesla for just 40k. Just saying. Quiet is really good. Electric cars will change everything, but the expectation that we are all supposed to be able to afford them is wildly off the mark. Also, as incredible as the technology is, for their price (and the price of repairs), these cars should have a 7-10 year bumper to bumper warranty.
  • Kevin Lucas
    Great insights on needed info, had one of these electric truck covers only issue was using windshield washer to de ice in the winter. Love the truck though.
  • Nick Dial
    The automatic bed cover breaking is not a small thing, that shouldn't happen after minimal use and 1500 miles, and it absolutely should be covered under warranty.
  • Toran Shaw
    It's interesting to hear your take on Rivian. I'm not in the market for one myself but my interest in them comes from their planning to build a battery factory not too far from my abode.