CGI Animated Short Film: "Butera" by Butera Team | CGMeetup

Published 2019-04-24
CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Butera Animated Short Film by Anthony Muscarella, Emily Mai, Winnie Feng, and Lilly Chin-Hong at School of Visual Arts. Featured on CGMeetup

Butera is a young, timid princess who gains the courage to stand up for the people she loves after running away from home.

Butera is a thesis film that was created at the School of Visual Arts by Anthony Muscarella, Emily Mai, Winnie Feng, and Lilly Chin-Hong.
Music & Sound by Domenic Lombardi
The film took 7 months to complete.

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CGI Animated Short Film: "Butera" by Butera Team | CGMeetup


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All Comments (21)
  • TJ Starblood
    It's always sad when a child feels safer in the dark woods at night than at home...
  • tomboyangel78
    Okay but can we talk about how impactful the ending was?
    The king realizing that he came dangerously close to killing his daughter, the look on his face as realization dawned on him that his aggressive/violent attitude would cause him to lose someone he cared about (especially seeing how his child was trying to convince her mother to run away with her), and how defeated he looks when he realizes he has a problem.
  • Éfar Isti
    the griffin is a symbol of courage and nobility. perfectly fit here.
  • Meliodas Sama
    This was an amazing animation. I love how she protected her mother even though she knew she might take the brunt of her fathers rage. The abuse was kind of hard to watch even though it was short. I’m a man and I still don’t think it’s okay to put your hands on a women to beat or hit her for whatever reason, truly a beautiful animated short and story
  • Edric L.
    Little light, afraid of the night,
    Scurry away the castle in sight.
    Deeper the trail, further to meet,
    A friend been made of feathery feat.
    Soaring the air, landed to return,
    A mother's love her heart she yearn.
    To face a father now gone so cold,
    To step in front the way, the old.
  • Akujinyx
    Girl: sleeps on the forest floor overnight, is perfectly fine

    Me: stands outside for 10 minutes, gets 20 bug bites
  • I'm so grateful to not have an abused mom
    I'm so grateful to have a good family
  • Kitkat Vankara
    I like how making the Griffin pure white can symbolize innocence and purity
  • Creature Creates
    That first brutal attack from the father struck me in a way that nothing else has.. Anyone who is going through this please dont let it continue. Tell some family members, dont let this happen!
  • xTira
    I think the ending is really impactful and tells so much in just a few seconds. The father came dangerously close to striking down his own daughter. Upon realizing this, he drops his blade and falls to the ground, in shock. It's quick, but the expressions are visible and I just love how he finally realizes what he's done.
  • A animation with no words says so many things

    Edit:thank you all for the likes!this is the most I ever gotten!
  • Ominous Candle
    That griffin had the loyalty of a Minecraft dog. Literally all she did was let it out of a cage it it was like "Master! Yes! I love! I protecc! FLYYYY!"
  • Asta Staria
    me: Mom can I keep a bird as a pet?
    mom: Sure honey, bring that cute little birdie in
    me: Ok budy come in
    mom: Wtf? that's a grifin
    me: Whatever mom you said yes
  • Platypusmojo 1
    I love how that ended, it escalated so well to the point where the father drops his sword in terror of it as a symbol of how much so he had forgotten how much his family means to him and how he’s failed them. The floorboards and wrist were amazing little motifs that tied up the fear of abuse and worry over where your loyalties should lie in an abusive relationship situation, which every good short film needs. Also, the style was amazing in terms of lighting and appearance. My only negative critique is that both the character movement and background felt disjointed, but I have no experience in animation whatsoever, so that’s just an observation. Cool film!
  • RafaM Esha
    when she saw the cage I felt like watching Shrek . Then when she met the griffin I felt like I was watching How to Train Your Dragon .BTW it was amazing.
  • This breaks my ❤️, but it happens to most families, the kids wishing parents wouldn't fight.. But this is still heartwarming
  • Lams4 Life
    The fact that the father realizes that he was wrong is touching it shows that no matter who you are you can always change and become better and that it is never too late