Pre Drywall Inspection - Home Inspection Video Series

Published 2019-09-25
Why you should consider a pre drywall inspection prior to buying a new construction home. Home inspection services from your home inspector should not be limited to just general home or whole home inspections. Our home inspection partners also can inspect new construction homes, including a pre-drywall inspection and we highly recommend that our customers consider such an inspection.

When a new home is being built, multiple contractors are in and out of the property working on the different aspects of construction. Plumbers, electricians, framers, and insulators are all working independently to get their portions of the job done.

This can sometimes lead to items being overlooked and can also result in construction defects of varying degrees. However, many of these defects are covered up and not visible prior to your final pre-purchase inspection. This is why it’s so important to inspect a new construction home during the framing, rough-in phase. Independent inspection will help to ensure that the home is constructed properly, which will lead to fewer problems in the future.
Having a home built for you is like knowing what's in the sausage. Sometimes you'd rather just eat the sausage rather than knowing what's in it. However, with your home, you'll want to know that it's constructed properly from the beginning and we don't want to only trust the builder to always produce a problem-free product.

Ultimately, builders are only as good as their subcontractors and the city/county inspectors who approve the way a home is constructed. If you want another professional opinion on your home's construction, we recommend having it inspected prior to the drywall being installed. You want to know that what gets covered up is up to or exceeds minimum standards.

That's what this video is all about.

0:00 Introduction
0:18 what's in a pre-drywall inspection
1:49 additional inspections
2:15 why you want an independent inspection
3:20 inspect as leverage before you close

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