🔥RAPPIN JIMIN🔥| (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' MV REACTION!!

Published 2023-03-18
Jimin sets a new standard with Set Me Free Pt.2. Watch the full video for our comprehensive review 🤓
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*Original Video: 지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV

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All Comments (21)
  • @7reasons593
    Blaze prediction of Jimin rapping came true😭 y'all this was too lit🔥 the choreography, the lyrics, the VOCAL PERFORMANCE and just his storytelling 😭 Jimin came to end kpop PERIOD
  • I'm not even an army but I just fell in love with this song. This boy is an amazing dancer and this song is ART! There are things that we can't deny
  • @RealbtsVmin
    Jimin is the only member facing hate and mockery since his debut, for no reason . It broke my heart when he sang "I won't stop, even if they mock me " poor thing . I wish him and the rest of the BTS all the best in everything.
  • @katiekat6013
    Everyone don’t forget to thank these guys for their genuine reactions!
  • You guys are the most real reactors I have seen so far. And you are closer to understanding Jimin and his vision than anyone too. Good for you man💜
  • OMG that was absolutely incredible. This new Jimin hits different. He came to kill us. The King is free now to do what he want to do👏👑💜 nobody can mess with him. Just mindblowing 🤯🤯
  • @user-tq8cr5gm1q
    Это шедевр, никогда не сомневалась что в нём скрыто множество талантов. Чимин всегда удивляет, всегда разный. Наконец он в открытую сказал заткнуться всем его недоброжелателям. Он никогда не остановится не смотря на насмешки и боль. Будь свободен Чимин, летай высоко. Ребята, мне очень нравятся ваши реакции, вы действительно любите творчество парней. Особенная признательность за 24 часовое ожидание, вы как музыканты, понимаете как это важно, уважаю вас за это.
  • @jo7449
    the words tattooed on Jimin's torso are actually a German poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. The poem goes:

    I live my life in ever widening circles,
    each superseding all the previous ones.
    Perhaps I never shall succeed in reaching
    the final circle, but attempt I will.

    I circle around God, the ancient tower,
    and have been circling for a thousand years,
    and still I do not know: am I a falcon,
    a storm, or a continuing great song?
  • @teresanike7181
    This is Jimins anthem for sure. He said the only one who can set himself free is him and I believe he has just done that with this song. I had no doubt he had this in him but I still wasn't expecting this. His duality has always showed as part of BTS but now he has arrived as a bonifide solo artist one of the best not just in kpop but all of the music industry. Im so proud of him and how hard he has worked, he never once gave up no matter how hard it got for him and now he has set himself free and the possibilities are endless for him. Again so proud of him.
  • Nevermind is the tattoo on his ribs. Jimin also has a 13 on his wrist, young on elbow, forever on other elbow, youth behind his ear, 7 on his finger and the phase of the moons down his spine. 💜 this is awesome
  • @deannajeane4486
    Blaze always finds the deepness within all BTS songs. And I commend him for that. These guys have always gone so deep with their meanings and nothing is by chance. So to see Blaze be able to break down something so objectively after barely watching once is very cool!
  • @btsarmyjiminal
    I don't have any army friends so it's always so fun to kick and squeal along with y'all! Thanks for all y'all do! ❤ This was a historical solo debut!
  • Tudo nesse MV é perfeito...eu surtei igual vocês... Jimin é um artista incrível e completo.
    Fiquei de boca aberta o tempo todo hahaha
  • I love you guys! I always look forward to your reactions for the “boys”. I appreciate your honest respectful truth. These men are getting bolder and bolder as they’re finding themselves. I’m excited to see them being individuals. I can’t wait for BTS phase 2 in 2025/2026. Again THANK YOU for showing your love to BTS. Two thumbs up for you.
  • @kat6161
    Simply stunning !!!! I got goosebumps from the high wails in the choir to all the swarming choreo to the intensity in Jimin’s eyes… I can’t believe this isn’t the ‘main’ song. It’s ON’s little sister and Jimin commanded the power of all seven of them on that track in this
  • Jimin es único, le quedó a otro nivel perfecto,la canción ,el baile, la vestimenta, su voz wow, estoy en shock
  • Bangtan’s conceptualisation of each and every song and the intense thought process that goes behind it is something very thought provoking. It’s like they are dealing with each and every layer of inner confrontation and making a masterpiece out of it 💜
  • I’ve been streaming this amazing piece of Jimin since it dropped at midnight. I still can’t believe it. If this does not earn any awards next year then whoever decides these things have no taste. He’s going to the top of every chart there is. Beautifully done Jimin.
  • @marcellm.
    Su reacción al vídeo de Jimin es espectacular porque entienden perfectamente al artista y lo que quiere expresar y valoran su trabajo y su singularidad! JIMIN es actualmente el artista más único a nivel global, fuertemente atacado por sus hates y también fuertemente protegido y amado por ARMY. Estoy orgullosa de la calidad de artista integral que es PARK JIMIN #SetMeFree espectacular!! Gracias por su apoyo!