snl commercials that made me spit take 1

Published 2021-05-27

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  • LMacNeill
    This is definitely one thing SNL usually gets right -- the fake commercials. They're funnier than the rest of the show, much of the time.
  • sarahbear
    i’ve seen CHONK so many times but every time i watch it there’s always a part where i can’t help burst out laughing
  • SyenPie
    That last skit was... BRILLIANT. Dude that could've been trailer scenes from an actual movie, man I'd so watch that. Sometimes SNL takes me by complete surprise with their insanely high quality at times.
  • Beth L
    Really good compilation. I just wanted it to keep going. Kate McKinnon always cracks me up!
  • ellie
    The thing with Kenan as a principal mispronouncing names and falling of a stage is something I'd watch a whole hour of
  • L. Kiss
    I havent watched the full vid yet but I had to say that even though I forgot the ad existed, the second Aidy said “Hell yes I do”, my brain just screamed CHONK! Because its one of those things you can never truly forget! 😂
  • evlish
    The "ask for more" was the funniest of them all
  • anna
    the tostinos lesbian ads will FOREVER be my favorite run on skits
  • Sarah Maryja
    We have like, the exact same taste haha, the dunkin ad is one of my all time faves
  • Caitlyn Acree
    As the mom of a chonky baby, the baby Spanx was HILARIOUS! 🤣
  • angelina p.
    Cecily and Beck are masters at doing voiceover for these things
  • George Jansen
    A CHONK clothing line would be an instant hit, why has nobody done this yet?
  • mad240
    The CHONK one gets me every time it's hilarious
  • Dillydally
    nice job, i started my morning with this, can't stop laughing, thanks!
  • wangson
    Oh my goodness....the Baby Spanx nearly made me spit Nachos onto my monitor! That was fantastic! And TOTALLY something Kim Kardashian would buy for her many, many babies...
  • Survivor
    The Alexa skit is both hysterical and genius!
  • Julio Aranton
    All those years, laughter; it never gets old!🤣
  • MaggieTheCat01
    1:47 Those bloody jeans. 😁 A fitting metaphor for these crazy times we’re living in.
  • Steve Hughes
    'I was just full of Christmas cheer'.................lmao.........that's how it goes sometimes!!!