Noodle Speed Drawing

Published 2013-11-18
My drawing of Noodle, the guitarist/singer/sleeper agent of the band Gorillaz.
Drawn completely freehand with a normal Bic biro - no fancy drawing pens or anything like that... Also, apologies for my godawful video editing skills.

Click here for the full image:

Songs Used:
1) Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
2) Gorillaz - El Mañana

This is a non-profit fan made video. I do not own the rights to Gorillaz. All credit goes to Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett and Parlophone Records.

All Comments (21)
  • That's really awesome, you draw like Jamie Hewlett himself. Seriously.
  • @taipan185
    Love this type of artwork, damn I wish I could do it. I have a head full of imagination and no ability to bring it into reality
  • @zeravlah0013
    There's only three explanations why you drew this completely beautiful without mistakes.
    You practiced drawing Noodle, You recorded multiple times until you get it correctly or just literally pure skill.
  • I thought I was good at drawing until I saw this. How can you draw so cleanly with a ballpoint pen? Dont you get anxious youll mess up?
  • @moachew
    You have serious talent this is amazing
  • @bigdmcgee7698
    I'm a huge Gorillaz fan, so glad to see you draw this! Nice job!
  • @justs4744
    I know you’re looking at a reference while drawing but this is still really impressive, good job!
  • @blue-funk3076
    HOW!! This is beautiful. Hilarious this showed up in my recommended after I just finished drawing this exact picture of Noodle, how crazy!
  • @FireHunter258
    Wai-.... Whaaaaat? You didnt even use a sketch? You just started drawing and you did everything correct first try? •____•
  • I'm an artist myself -- People who draw without a sketch like this are incredible imo.
  • @ringosnose6932
    wow this was 6 years ago imagine the drawing power this guys has right now
  • @minhaj_khan
    Damn dude
    Drawing like that straight up without guidelines or rough sketch is insane
  • @em-wl2el
    This absolutely amazing! nice work!