Mariah Carey - "All I Want For Christmas Is You [2023 Billboard Music Awards]"

Published 2023-11-19
Official performance of "All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey for the 2023 Billboard Music Awards!

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  • @radar2ana
    Oh my goodness!!!! Ms. Mariah Carey had a resurrection ❤ she’s radiant, beautiful, and shining. ❤ loved it!
  • @lindabright515
    I dont care what anyone thinks. This song always puts me in the Christmas spirit
  • @uwldluvme21
    She looks healthy & sounds great. She's been doing this for decades, and has nothing left to prove. A living icon. People expecting her to sound the same as she did at 20 years old need to have a seat. We're losing so many of our great singers. Be grateful she's still alive.
  • @user-er2yl2rp2v
    Adorable video. Mariah looks and sounds amazing! Tremendous dancers and choreography. So festive and magical. Thank you for sending out these beautiful Christmas blessings. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year. No one compares to Mariah at Christmas!#1! 😊 🎅🎶🎸🌲 🎁 ❤️🎶❄️☃️
  • @czshesz
    Her voice is finally back! I really think that her vocals went back to its pristine condition since she's been working a lot lately for an upcoming album plus her vegas residency show. I think that made her voice to be well exercised. 👏👏
  • I don’t know what she’s been doing recently, but she’s taking care of herself and you can tell. She sings better than she has in the past, she looks and sounds beautiful and rested! May she always bring people joy with her voice and beautiful song writing!
  • @iammargaret
    She doesn't aged that much. Looking so young and beautiful as always.❤❤❤
  • @cherylann3121
    I love her outfit! Sometimes she doesn’t wear enough clothes and she looks so much prettier with them. She doesn’t need to wear skimpy clothes because she is so beautiful! I also want to add her voice sounds amazing. She sounds like she did years ago. I simply love her and I’m so glad she is still with us.
  • @MrAnugar
    Words cannot express how much I love this woman. I remember growing up and listening to her singing while thinking "I wish I could ever be half as good at something as she is at doing music". So much talent that withstands culture changes, age, and overall time! I wish I could meet her one day just to say thanks for all the company she's brought to my life through her music....during holiday season or not.
  • Ahh how exciting hearing her voice healthy and Still got the whistle! This song Put me in such a Christmas vibe ! Playing all December ❤
  • @Devoted2Mariah
    What a gorgeous and talented songwriter and vocalist. We love you forever, Mariah!
  • Your voice sounds so much better this year!! I can't believe your voice is back. I loved your singing voice since I heard your voice in the 90's.
  • She still looks as young as ever it’s incredible ! Greatest singer songwriter of all time! ❤ great vocals too. Better than a few years ago. This shows that vocals can improve with age!
  • @alycat8953
    This song is actually so amazing! The radio, department stores, TV, etc. wore it out, but I continue to love it so much! ❤
  • @Alphidius
    Holy smokes! How old is Mariah Carey? 50+? She is in tiptop shape! And she can still do the high pitch scream at the end!! ❤
  • @leilaimanx8851
    Probably one of her best performances in a while. Very nice. The confidence is coming back. Loved the ensemble, staging, roller skating dancing and her babies right there with her ❤