Developmental Psychology - Human Development - CH1

Published 2014-06-16
This lecture was created for Developmental Psychology course. It is based off the material from a popular college textbook (copywrite - can’t say which one) used in my course. The specific class is DEP2004 - Lifespan Development - Chapter 1

This is a lecture that my college students listen too, but I publish for all students who are studying Developmental Psychology. The course I teach is focused toward nursing students.

I am not a professional video production person or actor, just a really good instructor. So, no fancy graphic or dancing animated characters and yes, I am sure I messed up a few words. But if you are in an on-line class that expect you to just read a textbook, this will help. Check out the entire course of lectures.

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  • @amolapr
    Hello i just want to say thank you for these amazing videos, I just took the psychometrician licensure exam in the Philippines and your developmental psychology was instrumental in me passing. Thank you so much♥
  • @SammyJ96
    My class is coming up in a few days,and I can't thank you enough for these videos. I want to be a step a head,so I'll be watching them all.
    Thank you!
  • I have an essay due today and I’ve learned so much in this video than I did with my professor, so much information was broken down and well explained to the point I feel super confident for this essay :)!!
  • Thank you so much for this presentation! So happy there’s information out there which I can learn for free. Plus you explain everything so clearly and it’s really interesting to listen to :)
  • @28Miaka
    I'm having a major exam coming up to enter into a course and developmental psychology is a topic thats majorly emphasized upon. The subject is so vast and having not concentrated much on this subject during my classes, with the time restriction I got now for the prep, going through the books would take me forever. Was searching for playlists that could cover most of developmental psych and found yours! Truly grateful!! Thanks for this wonderful effort you've made. I'm sure it's going to be of great help to me, and so many others ^^
  • I was surprised by the complete and secure information. It is important to know about this topic because it allows us to understand ourselves, and to know in detail what things we have acquired over time. Just one question that I would like to ask related to the profession of Psychologist:
    What does a developmental psychologist work on?
  • @BerlinDnB
    So clear and well explained, many thanks for this overview of developmental psychology
  • @DrYay
    Thank you! My professor this semester doesn't teach, and we have a test on Wednesday.
  • @Alexa-dg9uz
    Thank you cause I have my AP Psych exam today and my teacher didn't get around to teaching us this unit so this really helped!!
    Would you happen to have ch2 available? I am an audio learner and this has helped me in my dev psych class.
  • @celinakorin
    This is the best most thorough and easy to listen to lesson I have heard on this subject! Thanks so much it saved me!!
  • @tralala928
    This is one the best educational resources on youtube. Worth the while.
  • @kurwai387
    Thank for this presentation am really quite happy to learned important about brain development and more ideas concern psy.
  • @llc573
    Which book is this based on? And thank you for this!
  • Thank you so much! It helped a lot I really appreciate it. If you dont mind, I would perhaps like to speak to you if you ever have any time, if you don't, I don't mind, I'm a stranger and I'm not quite sure how you'd feel about that 😆