Our Planet | Jungles | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

Published 2020-04-17
Experience our planet's natural beauty and examine how climate change impacts all living creatures in this ambitious documentary of spectacular scope.

In this episode: Jungles and rainforests are home to an incredible variety of species like preening birds, intelligent orangutans and remarkably ambitious ants.

For more about Jungles, please visit www.ourplanet.com/en/video/how-to-save-our-jungles

Download free educational resources at www.ourplanet.com/en/schools-and-youth

US Rating: TV-PG. Parental guidance suggested.

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Our Planet | Jungles | FULL EPISODE | Netflix

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  • @mix_edits
    I just can’t imagine how much effort the people behind the scenes take to get these amazing shots. Also, the time it takes to get these facts, shots, and difficulties along the way. I would just like to give a tip of the hat to Netflix and Planet Earth.
  • @AsmoDeuX1706
    Re-learning about the devastating 90% loss of our island's rainforests break my heart. As someone who grew up in an area surrounded by mountains and thick forests, I witnessed how agriculture has turned the lush forests into dry and unsustainable farming lands for corn. I remember witnessing huge fires that will last for days, and hear chainsaw machines from afar, the sound of falling trees, and the ground rumbling because of huge trucks passing by carrying logs. The mountain which was green the first time I saw it, has slowly turned brown and lifeless as the years passed by. It has made a huge impact not just in the biological sphere in my town but also the typhoons that were hitting my area are more disastrous each year. Floods are reaching areas that are higher, landslides happen more often during rainy season, and droughts are causing the loss of a thousands if not millions of crops. It's devastating, and I think that one lifetime is not enough to restore what was lost due to human activity.
  • @sharemanabat924
    Can't put into words how magnificent the totality of the documentary was. Every bit of it was amazing. We people just can't do what this show pleads us to do and that's super sad.
  • @juliasoroka2087
    I' m literally at loss for words. The documentary is extremely engrossing to watch. Every scene bedazzled me to my core. And the beauty of remaining jungles swept me off my feet. It's a pity that ones vast swathes of land are shrinking and those unique animals have no other option but to extinct. Thank you for raising our awareness of this pressing issue. I hope that there is still something that can be done to at best stop or at least slow this process.
  • @jayceec3178
    It’s really hard to choose a favourite part, favourite animal, favourite insect, favourite bird. This documentary is fascinating. I love orangutans, such gorgeous faces. The dancing birds, incredible, the ants, very hard workers, I’ve often watched ants build homes that end up looking like cities (to them). The Elephants, I’ve always loved them too. So many of Gods beautiful creatures, great and small. ❤
  • Watching this video makes me appreciate the wonders of nature even more. The resilience and grace of these animals are truly remarkable
  • @bm3799
    It's so fascinating and yet, sad to think that every episode ends with the reminder that it's the humans that are taking all of this away.
  • @Illusivedropp
    imagine being that eagle and flying off into the world for the first time exploring her surroundings and seeing everything from a different point of view.
  • @georggeorg7244
    Absolutely breathtaking documentary. Don't tell me that you didn't like the paradise bird 12:41 !!!! This was one of the best animal behaviour i have ever seen in my life.
  • Because of this documentary, I learned that 90 percent of our forests in the Philippines have been lost. It is very sad and frustrating, hopefully, our government and the people do something on this critical issue!
  • I can say this was the perfect documentary on forests and their habitants.I can imagine the hardwork done behind this to get such a beautiful video,a video of many lessons that one should know by seeing animals in nature.
  • @rapname5267
    No matter what you people say, but the Filipino eagle parents and daughter relationship was way too much heart warming, cute, sad and fascinating all at the same time ❤ ❤❤❤
  • Watching this series makes me feel joyful and depressed at the same time. Joy at the wonderful animals that I have never seen before and depressed at the fact that they’re slowly becoming extinct.
  • @rezzzasmr
    I just cry watching how beautiful our planet is, and how we can protect it.... this documentary's every frame is wallpaper as others have also said. Man, this is breathtaking!
  • @angie075
    I've always admired and respected David Attenborough, he is one of a kind. His lifes work is astonishing. He could read the phone book and make it sound interesting, How he and his camera crew get up close and personal to the animals and wildlife is nothing short of bloody amazing ! And the amazing out of this world shots they take, is just incredible.
  • Thank you Netflix and to all crews, staffs and workers behind this master piece 👏
  • Just seeing the amazing views and the detail he gives us, you just take a love for nature. I am travelled to the Western Ghats and Amazon Rainforest because I wanted to see the pristine wildlife they have and because I saw his documentaries and just said to myself, I need to go
  • I'm an Indonesian, after i watched this, i hope that Indonesia's tropical rain forest can remain sustainable, and hopefully useful for the earth and all its content. I very hope people of the earth can always protect the environment. Thanks for showing this.
  • @clebfelm4170
    I love the dynamic between the silverbacks and the elephants. They don’t really interact with each other but they’re both just like “yeh u cool”
  • @poulthomas469
    I grew up on shows like this and it's just heartbreaking to know how shallow a species we are. To destroy the wild world like we have done will forever mark our species.