Framing Inspection and Corrections

Published 2015-05-04
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As part of the construction process, we do a third party framing inspection with a private engineer. They come in and inspect the framing, the truss installation to ensure that it matches the engineered plans, the sheer wall construction, the plumbing top out, the electrical rough, and the HVAC installation.

In this video, I go through some common mistakes that are found and things that should be paid attention to for a smooth framing inspection.

Items discussed:
- Truss hangars
- Sheer walls
- Ram sets
- Visitability Blocking
- Hurricane Straps
- Fire Blocking
- Stairs - including the rise, run and how to measure head heights

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  • @johnnygarza6470
    Great video Lynn. The information is detailed. Just FYI a Ramset is the device that puts concrete nails through the bottom plate into the concrete.
  • Take a 6 foot straight edge and check that the bottom plate on one side of each door opening aligns with the other side, a lot don't. I learned from my father to use a one piece bottom plate and half-cut through from the bottom on both sides of the door opening. Later, after the framing is complete and all the walls are anchored down, you go around with a hand saw and complete the cuts and remove the bottom plate in the doorways. The walls then have no misalignment in the doorways and the doors install easily and true.
  • Great video! We’re having a house built and this gives me an idea of a few things to look out for when we’re walking through with the builder
  • @shaffer4220
    I enjoyed learning from you, your crew and the inspector. Nice work throughout.
  • Lynn, thank you so very much for taking the time to share your knowledge, as a student for becoming a Prof. Home Inspector your information has been great. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Nice video. It would have been much better to have a follow-up one, showing the corrections already made.
  • @davefoc
    One thing I hadn't seen before that I liked in this video was the boxing in of plastic drain pipes. That seems like a good idea and easier to do than the way I have done it.
  • @norfcrew1149
    it's the little things you miss that can cost time and money, love the directness of the video, very cool!
  • Thanks for sharing. I'd be curious about any insulation corrections on the next phase.
  • Lynn, thank you so very much, you have been so informative and helpful. I look forward to another video. : )
  • @ArkvaleColoniser
    We leave the gas fireplaces loose on the base so we can adjust its position slightly after gyprock.
    As well that securing tab is used to secure the fireplace to the pallet in the warehouse/transportating.

    As well some brands when fixed down completely tend to rattle when the fan activates.
  • @randynez8763
    Great video Lynn but I believe that's an embedded anchor bolt not a ramset in the bottom plate (3:23)
  • @WV591
    Good info... TU.. Thank god for honest and professional inspectors . wonder how many screw-ups they made on my house that's gone unnoticed by third rate inspector..
  • @tbnewhomes
    Great information. Thank you for your informative videos!
  • @stevenrich1819
    Lynn, good job explaining but it might be better if you used the code (Chapter 2 Definitions) terminology for the areas in need of correction? Lots of fire stop missing at the tub, stairs and cripple walls, maybe point out the horizontal requirements? You might also call out the code with respect to “anchor bolts” required spacing and size and the correct retrofit installation? I like the idea of a pre-framing inspection, saves the municipalities Inspector time and possibly eliminate added delays. Thumbs up for taking the time to’s really important!
    Steve ICC B-5 Building Inspector
  • @kenjones2819
    thank you lynn for the info and taking the time for show an tell WELL DONE!!!
  • Yeah she made a few mistakes as far as the names of things but besides that pretty much knows her stuff right on Lynn good video👍🏻😎🔨
  • @snewogerg
    Great video. Interesting how different parts of the country operate. 3rd party framing inspection??? What does the City inspector get paid to do??? Nice "S" trap at the laundry standpipe. Hope that got called on the plumbing inspection.
  • @MissAngela007
    First upload in 4 years! Keep uploading please. We need more women building channels. ✌️