skibidi toilet 67 (part 3)

Published 2023-11-14
everyone has their weakness
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special thanks to @HoovyTube for additional particles

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  • ternera
    Great job to the Titan TV Man. He deserves our respect.
  • Lets just appreciate how much a lots of time and effort he puts in these videos to make our day, huge respect!! 😍😍
  • The dedication to the series is truly remarkable. The prompt release of each shirt and the anticipation of what comes next is impressive. It's incredible to witness how the series continues to improve and surpass expectations.
  • It's impressive the sheer amount of animations he's able to put out and how the style look of them are continually evolving. I mean if you compare this to the first few episodes of the series it's night and day.
  • Your passion for this series shines through every frame. It's impressive how you've advanced the concept so much. The technologically advanced warfare setting is truly innovative. I can hardly wait for the next episode!
  • @Alex_Spider
    Tv man has returned and fully upgraded

    Nice skibidi episode!
  • Tengo que decirlo, al principio crei que la serie era un asco, pero despues de analizarla y ver el heroismo de los Speakermens, Cameramen y los TVmen, me ha impresionado. Mi personaje favoritos son el Cameraman de los destapacaños (ojala que no muera, ojala que lo podamos ver en otros episodios) y el Camera Titan. Estaba bastante interesante las evoluciones de las armas de ambos bandos, robandose tecnologia entre si.
  • @boygaming1189
    Great, TV man has really returned and has been upgraded to be much stronger. This will cause the skibidi team to panic and the skibidi scientist will be destroyed. I think Titan Cameraman will be repaired and upgraded again soon. Let's look forward to the return of Titan Cameraman together . form dafuqboom whit love
  • Honestly I'm so glad that at least some people are aware of how good this series is despite its cringy beginnings
  • This amazing series went from just a simple head in a toilet to a impressive war between 2 giant forces. Giant respect to DFB for making these series so well-written, thanks for making this series.
  • @ibio75
    este episodio posiblemente sea el mejor
  • I am currently crying so hard right now. This is seriously the most beautiful, well put together story ever. I can’t believe how magical it was 1:12. That part truly made me shed a tear. And especially at 6:34 that part was just so truly heart touching words can not describe the series of emotions I felt. I absolutely loved the climax it had insanely excellent detail. Oh and we can’t forget the conclusion. The conclusion was the greatest and saddest conclusion I have ever seen better than any of the books I have read. Thank you so much for creating this absolute masterpiece. This is essentially the most important masterpiece of film history. It is a tragedy that this, it can’t be called a film, but a transcendent emotional experience, will be inaccessible for most. It beautifully encapsulates the human struggle to its basics; suffering, pleasure, faith, despair. It connects with the characters within the viewers, individuals suppressed within our own subconscious. It stays vibrant, fresh, and revolutionizes the art of storytelling and filmmaking while making a damn of statement on what it means to be human. Entertaining, gripping, and simply exhilarating. This might be the most impactful piece of art I’ve come across in my life, and I’m definitely coming back to it in the near future to study it more deeply. this is an absolute masterpiece , I was brought to tears listening to this and seeing the bacon go whirly swirly in a circle countless times. it absolutely moved my soul , and I don't think I can ever be the same. this bacon has changed my entire mental state , I am now at peace with who I am and what I will be doing later in my life. i have forgiven all my enemies and now I am a man of a pacifist life. I will move on , gotta move on , as the song says. the bacon is so inspirational , it shares it vast wisdom with all of us , and we are all so lucky that it would bestow it's great words with us. we are all children on bacon. hail bacon. hail bacon. The
  • I'm almost certain that the series will end at episode 75/80, but I'm almost certain that it will last longer than that. This guy's talent is impressive
  • @MrTalalaa
    YESSS FINALLY! Titan tv man saves the day! This is gold
  • This man turned a joke into a series with hope, despair, loss and hype. He deserves every bit of recognition he has and even beyond that
  • It's hard to believe that he made this all on his own. Dafuqboom is a legend among animators
  • @eggegg8526
    The toilet's wary facial animation is really well done
  • this is the best series right now for me and i know you put a lot of work in these vids and its obvious also about the strike problem i wanted to ask if it now is ok. love the series
  • This amazing series went from just a sinple head in a toilet to a impressive war between 2 giant forces. Giant respect to DFB for making these series so well-written, thanks for making this series. A huge thanks.