Everything I Learned at Stanford Business School in 28 Minutes

Published 2024-04-18
Stanford's business education is gatekept behind their criminally low acceptance rate, and I don't think that's fair. So today, I sat down and broke down the 5 key lessons that I learned during my time at Stanford so that I could save you 2 years of your life, and $250,000 in Student Loans.

This video is a bit of a beast, but I promise you if you watch the whole thing (and maybe take some notes while you're at it), you will be equipped with the fundamental knowledge to go out and crush it in the business world.

00:00 - Intro
00:38 - Business Strategy
08:40 - Building a Product
11:40 - Marketing
14:00 - Financial Analysis
24:40 - How To Be a Good Boss

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  • @jayhoovy
    My mission is to give you a better business education than Harvard/Stanford, completely for free. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out! :)
  • @davidpark8486
    dude. if entrepreneurship doesn't work out make sure to check out being a lecturer because this taught me more business than any other class that i took
  • @DL-fl5ul
    I went to MIT full time MBA. The value to me wasn't really the education at this point besides financial modeling and accounting. Like him talking about Porters 5 forces is good if you want to do entrepreneurship, but 90%+ don't go into entrepreneurship. They do thinks like IB, consulting, PM at Tech. The value to me now is solely the name of MIT on my resume that has gotten me a really high paying job. Not gonna lie.
  • @glennjammin
    it's kinda hard wrapping my head around the fact that such high quality content like this is free. this was awesome
  • @forbes4007
    In a sea of very fake, elusive, and basic content, this is one of the best videos I've watched on the topic.
  • It turns out what's taught at Standford Business School is the same thing taught at any MBA program. It's just that at Stanford you're surrounded by future executives
  • @JoshGe
    One of the best business summaries I've ever seen as a self made multi millionaire entrepreneur with 14 years of experience. I'll say this video is even better (due to being concise) than Peter Thiel's book Zero to One which has been in my opinion the best book for startups ever. Thank you for your work!
  • @-erebor-2361
    This is why the internet was created, for people who want to learn and share their knowlegde ! As Paul Romer and Robert Lucas would have been proud of you, sharing free educational content to make everyone clever.
  • @zayadashraf8198
    Damn bro I got to a top 20 global business school and this guy gave a pretty good overview of what I learned so far in 3 years in 30 minutes. Looking forward to more content from you!!
  • Don't forget the impact of external forces on a business proposition. A business may look good from porter's 5 forces analysis, and you may have a competitive advantage, but if the nature of activity can be severely impacted by external forces outside your control, that may be a risk that's not worth taking. I have a business where I lend monies to farmers but I have first handedly experience how a back to back bad harvest can destroy the whole livelihood of farmer, which definitely impacted my cash flows and profits big time, creating such a huge stress for the business and myself.
  • @mh017509
    The value of a good business school is not so much what they teach you (the curriculum is fairly standard), but in the project co-operation with your fellow students in solving mock (or sometimes real word) problems. And, if you have a chance to ask a professor a few questions after the lecture, it's just invaluable.
  • @Jazzy-jj2cx
    I am very honoured that people like you exist in this world giving legit information free !!! Appreciate that.
  • @emmasavant
    This is incredible. I've never seen someone provide so much solid value in a single video. Thank you!
  • @codebreaker4783
    Explaining complicated things in a simple way is an art, and you’re truly a master of that art. The value you provide for free, is actually incredible. Keep up the good work, meaning the clear, charismatic and honest way of communicating!
  • @Chrisortizch
    What I find amazing is that I went to a (pretty good) university here in Chile (Latam) and they taught me everything you mentioned in this video. Same content. Of course going to Standford would give you huge prestige and connectons, but its is true when they say that information is there available to everyone who wants to grind! Thanks for the video I've been following from a long ago!
  • @chi.marvine
    I just finished binging 18 of your videos today. You were just recommended on my feed and I’m glad it was. You’re crushing it, keep it up John!
  • @Negotium1000
    3 FINANCIAL STATEMENT: INCOME STATEMENT: Revenue-Expense CASHFLOW STATEMENT: Where and to who (+ Investing) BALANCE SHEET: Own & Owe
  • @Dxma-os5ln
    This is the best business/finance video I’ve watched ever. It’s almost like a film teaser, but for learning. Now I feel less intimidated to deep dive into those concepts that I’ve always wanted to learn. Thank you ! Liked and subscribed, I wish there was more I could do to support
  • @jacobpanas105
    Bro you’re a killer at being a teacher. Like seriously you’re really good. I’ve learned a lot of these concepts the hard way and to hear you explain it is absolutely amazing
  • @brisonvsn
    Appreciate the editing. Helps in digesting the info.