Caught On Camera

Published 2023-09-06

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  • @MegaLegoKing1
    I love how Mark says he won’t return to Observation Duty but keeps finding other games like it to cure his addiction
  • @ChaoticJester
    Watching him constantly miss the fact that some of the bedroom window drapes were missing were both infuriating and hilarious.
  • @NiasiNoir
    Mark almost reporting the missing towels in the hotel room but instead reporting extra object because of the fact there was a camera in the room was just hilarious XD
  • I always assumed that "fixing" the intruders just meant that someone went in with a broom and shooed them out. Lol like "get outta here!" swat swat
  • @moon-do4wy
    Fun fact: the technique mark uses to scan the rooms is the same technique life guards use to spot people drowning. So it is in fact a functional technique.
  • @aurora6755
    This game never fails to give me the creeps….it’s annoying that actual horror games don’t💀
  • @EyesOfByes
    Guys, we should all make "observation games" that dont have any anomolies, just to mess with Mark. Nothing but error messages. Like some soort of game roulette
  • @happytale7745
    You know the game is super intense when mark starts doing the lifeguard head bobbing
  • @MaximusPrimeIV
    Markiplier never fails to spread our cheeks and fill us with content.
  • @am3thysts
    The things Mark fixed and did not notice or answer in the house level:

    5:23 : The chair was tucked in the desk, and now is not.

    10:15 : The rug changed pattern. This messes him up at 12:06 😅

    14:18 : The plant on the left of the screen moves from the right side of the table to the center.

    14:38 : This random selection intended for the kitchen removes the red rug that is under the couch, sofa chair, and TV from the living room.
  • @pancakes8670
    I like to interpret these Observation games as you being some kind of inter-dimensional being tasked with keeping our reality from falling apart, protecting Earth from SCP-like horrors distorting reality.
  • @N0kkus
    I love it when Markiplier straps us to a chair and forces us to watch his videos.
  • @goom4689
    They successfully made intruders more terrifying than observation duty, either that or mark is screaming hard enough to startle me more.
  • @Kapowzy
    Only Mark can take a game from itchio nobody gave a crap about and get it to #5 trending.Thankyou Mark for giving me the courage to start making videos.Thankyou for your content❤
  • @kristi2610
    Mark is our internet dad. Really weird, but strangely comforting. Thank you for providing that for everyone, who is missing one ❤️
  • @dumpserFire
    I would love to see a game like this played with an eye tracker on! I want to know what he is looking at to miss some of the anomalies 😂
  • @andromedope
    I cant explain how but this game makes me feel ill. Extremely effective at creeping me out.
  • @mariomaker69420
    Mark thinking the normal rug was actually an anomaly when he mistakenly fixed it from the real anomaly earlier is golden
  • @RaspberryPastry
    it'd be nice if these games included a tab to show the rooms basic states but made it feel a little risky to double check, like if checking the files on each room has a small chance of causing a jumpscare or something