Caught On Camera

Published 2023-09-06

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  • @kismetmoon9294
    Mark : “there’s probably a missing object here in reception somewhere” meanwhile the plant in the ice room for the entire round : ↕️↕️⬆️⬇️
  • @mariomaker69420
    Mark thinking the normal rug was actually an anomaly when he mistakenly fixed it from the real anomaly earlier is golden
  • I always assumed that "fixing" the intruders just meant that someone went in with a broom and shooed them out. Lol like "get outta here!" swat swat
  • @zerobolt9506
    I'm glad Mark finally noticed the shoes 😂, it was driving me crazy that he keep leaving the bedroom (even though it was only 2 times) I was like "GO BACK TO THE BEDROOM MARK! THE SHOES MARK!! THE SHOES!!!"
  • @EyesOfByes
    Guys, we should all make "observation games" that dont have any anomolies, just to mess with Mark. Nothing but error messages. Like some soort of game roulette
  • @WalkinStereotype
    I love how Mark says he won’t return to Observation Duty but keeps finding other games like it to cure his addiction
  • @darksim1930
    I like thinking that "anomalies" like the open oven, the open fridge, or the remote on the floor are just the resident trying to sneak a bit of late night snacking and TV in only for Mark and some shadowy organization to be all "you absolutely the fuck will not."
  • @pancakes8670
    I like to interpret these Observation games as you being some kind of inter-dimensional being tasked with keeping our reality from falling apart, protecting Earth from SCP-like horrors distorting reality.
  • @comanderlucky656
    Funny thing is Mark's head bobbing is actualy a legit lifeguard scanning technique that they use to spot drowning people in dense enviroments, which just so happens to also work for spotting stuff in observation games, so it really works with him always not knowing what he is doing but still doing it great lmao.
  • @ShaggyDog1223
    Mark not noticing the plant in the ice room moving up and down the entire round, only to notice it 0.2 seconds before he died was perfect.
  • @tasha234
    What Mark missed in the hotel: 19:05 distorted plant in the ice room, right corner(almost had it in the end, but it was there a while so I counted it) 19:48 missing towels at the foot of the bed on the right in room 302 20:25 extra basket with 4 paper bags under the table in the ice room 22:32 replaced pillows in room 302(changed color) I feel like I missed a few, but that's most of them at least
  • @ghost-vw6bq
    Okay I normally don't notice the anomalies because I'm stupidly blind but noticing the distorted plant in the ice room and watching Mark not taking notice of it is a bit infuriating lmao
  • @N0kkus
    I love it when Markiplier straps us to a chair and forces us to watch his videos.
  • @pachafry2339
    Mark being blind while the plant in the ice room is trying to decide how long it wants to be was hilarious
  • @PieEaterOfficial
    When he spotted the first intruder in the kitchen my heart jumped out of my mouth! 😂
  • @foor
    12:59 The carpet got fixed when trying to fix the light anomaly with "moved/replaced_obj"
  • @dogmeatstarboy
    Mark should try and do an observation game with an eye tracker
  • @rinniepie2526
    I feel like the way they fix all of the anomalies is that there are men in business suits that are legit outside in a white van just chillin, drinking coffee and they just sit there until an alert for them to bust into the house and just replace the object or if its an intruder, they just punch them out cold and carry them out as quickly as possible. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  • @LoveTalliah
    18:20 marks “oh boy” reminded me of that one really specific fnaf musical blooper