What The Ultimate Study On Happiness Reveals

Published 2023-11-15
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A huge thanks to Prof. Robert Waldinger for all his help with this video.

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A special thanks to Prof. Julianne Holt-Lunstad for her expert advice on the importance of social connections and the detrimental effects of loneliness and social isolation.

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All Comments (21)
  • @lindybeige
    You did not discuss the massive problem of separating cause from effect. Married people are happier. Is this because they are married, or because happy people are more likely to attract a spouse? Are people lonely because they are sad or sad because they are lonely? Happy people find it easier to make friends, so do the friends make them happy, or or does their happiness gain them friends? Without addressing this problem, you haven't got to grips with the subject.
  • @cirogarcia8958
    I think it's really interesting how the guy at 20:54 says we wants a ton of kids, and then clarifies "as many as I can afford". I think this is the reason people first think of money for what makes us happier, because the lack of money is the biggest limiting factor in our lives. It's not that having more money will directly make us happier, it's that it will extend the limit to the things we can do to make us happy
  • @PianoUniverse
    I find I'm happiest when I'm looking forward to something I like. And also when most problems in my life are resolved.
  • @itachi-senpaii
    I used to get frequent panic attacks few years back, and I still get anxiety attacks today. At times, it felt like life was not worth living, because I felt so disconnected from this world. I am trying to understand what it means to have a meaningful life. So it doesn't really matter, just do your thing, do the things you love doing, chase your goals without thinking twice, have no regrets in life. And, if there is nothing you wanna do for yourself, do little good things for the people around you.
  • @web_jar6630
    This is probably the most important educational video I have ever seen. As an introvert myself, I used to discount the value of relationships. But as I am growing older I am realising that this has REAL consequences.
  • "Maybe the real treasure was the friends we made along the way" is a comment that is now getting old, ok, now it is time to reverse it. Maybe the real existencial crysis was the friends we didn't make along the way
  • @eujuneca
    All that said, I cannot visualize myself as being happy without a stable financial situation, without having to worry about how much I'll spend going out, buying things I like and just living in general. That, for me, is the most important thing right now
  • @aaronvu6292
    Being Thankful and Agency are the biggest ingredients to be happy: being content of what you have, and in control and the consequence of your actions.
  • @Zeppelin0731
    When you cite the study that said that beyond $75,000 there is little increase in happiness (or however you want to frame it), you have to remember that the referenced study was performed in 2010. I just did the conversion between December 2010 and October 2023 (the approximate time of this comment) on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics website. $75,000 in 2010 is equivalent to just over $105,000 today. Keep that in mind folks.
  • @johnhu321
    Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it removes a lot of sources of unhappiness
  • @99names16
    One thing I am sure of - human beings want to be challenged. Need to be challenged. When one is hedonistic, you believe you are living more life by not depriving oneself of pleasure whenever the mood strikes. Giving in to every urge and impulse because it makes you “happy” may seem right but you’re always going to end up hollow. Controlling your self and knowing you have that strength is the real key to long term success abs happiness. That’s confidence and power. Mastery of self.
  • i'm isolated and have no career the last 2 years, but i'm happy. not the happiest in my life, but the longest period of happiness. my mom also has money, so money helps a lot in not making me worry. so minimal money for survival and lack of social pressure is my formula for happiness
  • @perdu6603
    My life changed when I understood that the key to solve my loneliness problem was to stop expecting people to come to me, and to make the effort to go to them and actually get interested in them I can't stress how miraculous the results are. Basically everyone is craving for attention. If you give it to them, they will be your best friends
  • @danev1969
    I have always felt that being close to friends and family as well as a life-long (I'm 81 now) continued learning of any subject I was curious about, contributes to my overall satisfaction, self-confidence, and the awareness that all people are connected. Being involved with those in our local “village” seems to be built into our DNA, and quickly becomes the source of feeling we belong and generally happy with our lives.
  • @markcleaver6573
    I've never spent time alone, like months alone, until now at 67y.o. Tight connections with loved ones around you completes the individual.
  • @Me_Caveman
    I am happiest when overcoming adversity. As long as there is something to overcome, I will always be happy.
  • @abidulmaruf4716
    1. Physical fitness 2. Loving relationships That's it for a healthy and meaningful life
  • @VarunGupta3009
    Wow... I am obese, don't exercise, highly introverted, and feel extremely lonely all the time. This was such a wake-up call. This could possibly be the most important video of my life.
  • I've been watching this channel from when I was 19. I'm now 24. Thank you, Veritasium, for the wealth of high-quality information you've provided me with., and thank you particularly for this video. It was so fulfilling to watch ! It is never lost !
  • @user-my4vd4ow1d
    I also agree that keeping meaningful relationships make you happy.I am a college student and i live in a rental house with my dad,our relationship with the house owners are like we live in our own home.They live in a small family and their income is also not very high but they are very good by heart.Everytime when they cook food,the mother of the house owner always offers me something.They treat us like we are part of their family.