Hermitcraft 9 Episode 20: Creating The IMPOSSIBLE In Scarland!

Published 2022-09-21
Hermitcraft season 9 episode 20! We create my dream Minecraft Redstone auto-loading jukebox and custom opening and closing announcements for my theme park Mega Hermitcraft base. We also name the park Saarland and meet up with KingRenDog and the other Knights of the square table to discuss the rebellion brewing in Hermitcraft.

Please check out Lummie Thief for his incredible storage system and GiorgioJGZ for his Shulker Box Unloader! Check out their designs and channels and give them some love and Scar support!

Thank you so much for the help with the Jukebox auto loader Drgn_tat!

Also, I announce the first official Hermitcraft charity live stream weekend! More details coming soon!
See you in the next episode of Hermitcraft!

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All Comments (21)
  • scar buying everything in grians shop using the royal emeralds and then transitioning to him complaining abt them to grian was comedic gold
  • Wotseirname
    Scar telling Bdubs off with his own voice is just the best thing ever-
  • Numbuh1NerdX
    I wonder what it would take to get Grian to dress up in a Jellie costume to do meet and greets in Scarland… 🤔
  • TillPurple
    I’m so proud of scar. The announcements genuinely made me so emotional because we all know how hard he has worked on this and seeing it all come together makes me so happy! ^-^
  • Next Level
    I must say that Scar’s video editing cuts at Ren’s speech is amazing. The best of all.
  • Alexa Escarez
    Scarland was already so magical and the discs just made it even more magical 💙
  • Dragonild
    Can we take a minute to appreciate Scar's transitions? They're insanely good!
  • TradDad
    Scar’s interaction with the King was my favorite of all of them.
  • Jay
    The autoplay announcements are pure magic!! love how the park is really coming to life every episode
  • Ren: I saved the worst for last; the Brussel sprouts if you will.

    Bdubs: Oh I like Brussel sprouts.

    Scar: That's weird.
    Can we all appreciate how amazingly well scar managed to capture the feeling of walking down the main street of a theme park?
  • captain barbel
    I love the fact that Bdub just speaks then Scar used the horn then Bdubs apologize and shut up. That was so much funny. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Stefan T
    For the minecart Problem:

    Ask DocM for a Portal loader to keep the base loaded all the time. Entitys still have a habit of vanishing when going into unloaded chunks.
  • Your park announcements were so cute and magical, it brought tears of joy to my eyes. I've never been to Disney Land, yet you made me feel like I was on a virtual adventure of an amazing park. The town square statue made me squeal with excitement.
  • Scar actually seems to be the MOST loyal, comparatively to the rest of his fellow knights.
    Also I am loving Scars themepark.
  • Corie Sprague
    Hi Scar! As someone who has spent copious amounts of time at Disneyland I have to say the nostalgia and the feels were real. I love it!
  • FarmerKillz
    You know, hearing the name, ScarLand made me want to cry, because I remember the original Scarland that place that inspired me to even play Minecraft and hearing that name brought it all back it’s insane how much you can remember by hearing one name that world will always have a place in my heart thank you scar
  • Kat E.
    Waugh the announcements made me so emotional for some reason... the epic swelling music just gets to me :') I've never been to disneyland before, but hearing Scar talk about theme parks genuinely makes me wanna go!! :D
  • MJ
    I think Scar has that stroke of insanity that's characteristic of geniuses. That theme park is reaching proportions of epic that will soon exceed my vocabulary.