Published 2023-09-13

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  • @TiffanyJClark
    Hearing Mark say "skibidi" is like seeing an 80 year old man post a Gen Z meme on the internet.
  • @JinxeBlaq
    Hearing Mark say he didn’t know what sonic was before playing Sonic.EXE is by far the most surprising thing I’ve heard him say in forever.
  • @cursed_toast
    “You’re only the skibidi best when your better than the skibidi rest.” -Markiplier 2023
  • @felixlucky13
    Thank you, Mark! Thank you for skibidi-sacrificing yourself for the skibidi-saga!
  • @warriorwolvez
    I had gotten used to the skibidi joke until “I’m skibidi scared” then I just lost it
  • @veronicaagnes
    The way he warms up to skibbidi as a word of frustration whilst being in his gene wilder wonka hair saga really tied the hilarity together markiLOL
  • @tmo314
    Lixian’s edits are a little too convincing at this point. I can never tell what’s in game or not 💀
  • @rea_lee2390
    I’m a freshman in college and the loneliness I can feel at times is unbearable… but I always find myself coming right back to this channel just like I have since I was a kid. Thank you mark ❤️
  • @MissPanther
    Thank you Mark! Thank you for your Skibidi sacrifice for this Skibidi saga!
  • @p8nie720
    This 2:12 Drum part felt like concert with Markiplier, incredible. 😀👏👏
  • @SusanofDarmuthia
    Thank you Mark, for sacrificing your sanity for us. However I'm still just as confused as you.
  • @-reef-
    Mark saying skibidi over and over is like a kid learning a new word and having the urge to use it in every sentence possible
  • @ryan5148
    Thank you Mark! Thank you for your skibidy sacrifice for the skibidy saga!
  • @jaimejones3177
    I had never heard of this until I was driving through farmland in central Maine. Absolutely beautiful fields, lawns, farm houses...

    When we passed a yard with 4 toilets in a semi circle facing a huge floor tv. (The old giant box ones)

    ...and from the back seat my son yells, "MOM!! Its skibidi...SKIBIDI!!"

    ...and NOW I understand.
  • i literally clicked on this video because i could not stop saying "skibidi bop doo" in my head and mark did not disappoint
  • @CalebCMT
    Love to see another upload, glad to see you still play weird games from time to time even if they aren’t necessarily the best…

    Also Thank you Mark! Thank you for sacrifi- skibidysacrificing for the skibidysaga!
  • @Khotetsu
    Thank you Mark, for showing us that the real toilet was the skibidi we made along the way.
    According to my calculations, Mark said "skibidi" 40 times in the first 4 minutes of this video, and exactly 92 times in total.
    Ladies and gentlemen, that has to be a world record.
  • @mewrengue
    mark saying skibidi in front of everything was like when jack kept adding “faz” in front of everything