The Dominating SKILL From Vasiliy Lomachenko Against George Kambosos! | FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS

Published 2024-05-11
Watch the highlights from #vasiliylomachenko's dominating performance against the hometown hero George Kambosos in which Loma managed to stop George in the late rounds. #boxing #highlights

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All Comments (21)
  • @ico3206
    This month I saw Canelo and Inoue, but neither of them show me boxing like Lomachenko does, they are great boxers, Loma is an Artist.
  • @DrWeb1
    After 3.5 years he is again the world champion. Tears after the fight are proof of how important this is to him. I’m very happy for Loma and his team
  • @nikkoyangco6060
    Loma is very respectful to his opponents. You can see by not hitting them after Kambosos reacted to that body shot before totally scores the knockdown. Salute loma.
  • @crazebamm
    Lomachenko’s boxing is NASTY!!! His footwork is second to none!! It’s always a pleasure to see this man box.
  • @VecLogGaming
    Loma makes boxing look like an art rather than sport. He will not be remembered for having the best records but people will always come back to witness his art in this replays.
  • @danielday3374
    Loma has some of the most effective pressure I’ve ever seen. He’s like a fly that you can hear but can’t hit and it frustrates you. Even at 36 he’s still got the skills to go further.
  • @DiceB
    Loma is one of my favorite he is so technical he’s beautiful to watch
  • @LuxLooms
    So happy for him. Such a good guy ❤
  • @wandyy8078
    We are blessed to be watching this little fella.. no weight grifting, no drugs , no s*** talking outside of the Ring.. just pure class in every way
  • @aa-up4sf
    Watching 3 truly great fighters like Canelo, Inoue and Loma do their thing in the space of a week has been a joy to watch 👏
  • @mikebird5148
    Damn Loma is pure class! I was devastated for him after the Haney fight. It's so fun to watch him fight.
  • So happy for Loma, especially after he was robbed against Haney.......I was screaming at the tv with joy....Much respect
  • @vanteal
    This win means a lot to Loma. I can't blame the guy for shedding some tears. The Champ is back baby! Even though he never really left.
  • @Jino2k
    Sad that not much time is remaining to watch loma's beautiful performance. He is my favorite boxer.
  • @Nikolai_LA
    Always happy for Vasilii! Such a good man. Respect to his father.
  • @Mikeyh98
    I can’t explain how satisfying it is seeing this man have his hand raised again
  • @niallcnoc9646
    Lomachenko’s boxing style is just beautiful to watch.
  • @seanpaul854
    Loma and usyk best of can see alot of one another ....brilliant technicians of of sport !!! Beutiful to watch 👊👊