Country Stars Share Heartfelt Tributes to Toby Keith

Published 2024-02-06
Many of country music's biggest stars have shared very heartfelt and emotional tributes for Toby Keith since the announcement of his passing. Artists such as Jason Aldean, Alan Jackson, Carrie Underwood, Oliver Anthony, Dolly Parton and many more remembered Toby Keith and his legacy. Toby Keith is an Icon and will forever be a towering giant in the realm of country music. Our hearts and prayers are continuing to go out to Toby Keith's family and friends during this difficult time. We will forever love you Toby Keith!


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  • That man healed America with his music after 911 when we were all hurting, not just the families of the lost, all of us!! A TRUE LEGEND, YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED BUT WE KNOW YOU ARE ENJOYING REAL PEACE AT THIS TIME, NO MORE PAIN, NO MORE FIGHTING, ALL YOU WILL KNOW FROM THIS DAY FORWARD IS LOVE & HAPPINESS!!
  • @myHVAClife
    As an Army veteran, I will always and forever be thankful to Toby's Love, Respect, and Support for our SOLDIERS and WARRIORS that serve this country and put their lives on the line for the freedom we all enjoy! Thank you TOBY KEITH. I saw one of his shows in NC and it will always be remembered as one of my favorite concert experiences! RIP MR. KEITH, YOU WILL LIVE FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS! MY SOLO CUP IS TIPPED TO YOU MY FRIEND!
  • @MeanSaltine14
    My dad passed away back in December 2023. He was a Toby Keith fan. He loved "As good as I once was". Ive been listening to a lot of Toby since he passed. Toby was a link to my dad. This almost feels like im losing him again. They even shared the same initials. Thank you and RIP T.K. and T.K.
  • He was a supporter of active duty and veterans. Thank you brother. Salute to you and your big heart.
  • @CowboyJosh31
    I am a huge Toby Keith fan. I'm absolutely devastated to hear the legendary singer passed away. My heart and my prayers go out to the country music community and to his family and friends. Rest in peace. You are now in the presence of the our Lord.
  • @historyfrk
    Toby had a huge impact on my life. We grew up broke poor my mom would save up all year to buy tickets when he came to town. I got engaged at one of his concerts. Can’t believe he is gone so fast we weren’t ready.
  • @Tibby1
    I grew up a Rocker in the 70S in Upstate Ny, remember the first time i heard Toby's music. He led me to listen to more Country. I had the opportunity a few years back to join him on stage as a Veteran and sing Courtesy of the Red White and Blue. Was an Honor i will never forget! Many prayers go out to his family. Know there are Millions of us praying for you. Blessing to you all. Thank you for sharing his talents with us all these years!! God Bless and rest in peace Big man!
  • I loved how he stood with our Military... His American Soldier would bring tears to my eyes everytime. I loved his heart. I was releaved to know Toby was a Christian. My mother was from Oklahoma. There's a song, Your the reason God made Oklahoma. I apply it to my mother and now to Toby Keith...
  • @user-zp6rn7qd6l
    I am still grieving over the loss of Toby My husband and I used to ride our Harley and blast his music while we rode down rural county roads. Some of the best memories of our lives! This man was a national treasure and patriot. He will be sadly missed. God called him home on February 5th. I hope to see him in Heaven some day.
  • @bryanscott8344
    A great man. A Patriot. My Dad is a disabled Vietnam and Desert Storm vet. He respects all Toby did as I do as well. He is looking down on us now. No more pain. Enjoy your Heavenly place, Toby
  • I'm crying now because I remember him. His music, charisma, and the love of this great country. Red, White, and Blue. God rest his soul. Psalm 23.
  • When I was a teenager I was that typical teenie bopper who loved Nsync, BSBs, Brittney, first country concert was a free Toby Keith concert. I never liked going to concerts when I didnt know the songs, so I started listening. From there I was hooked. I got to see him in concert twice and it was always a great time. I am almost strictly a Country Music fan, and it all started with Toby Keith. He will be missed by so many. RIP to man who made me fall in love with country music. ❤
  • @racingfootball
    Toby Keith was one of a kind. A TRUE AMERICAN and I really do appreciate his love for our Arm forces. His music made me feel like we can conquer anything in our COUNTRY BATTLES... RIP Toby, you will be surely missed. No more pain and suffering. You are in the arms of our gracious father.
  • @Casaday71
    Had the privilege to meet him twice. Once in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. He was so kind and acted like we the soldiers were the super stars. R.I.P Mr. Keith. Thanks for the memories.
  • @susiesawyer6216
    Just froze when I read the news this morning. Breaks my heart. I've been so excited for what was supposed to be a PHENOMENAL year for TK & Country music. I never saw him IRL, but will FOREVER LOVE EVERYTHING about Him. SO MUCH LOVE & RESPECT. RIP TK 💔🇺🇲💝
  • @vol4life158
    I loved him as a person, singer and American patriot. It’s heartbreaking that he has passed. RIP Toby we will miss you
  • @Vikingocazar
    Ahhhh no 😢💔❤️‍🩹❤️. I just found Toby Keith. Just started listening to this man… I didn’t even know he was sick. His humour, love of people and his country will be truly missed. I’m so thankful that we can continue to listen, laugh, and love with him… sending you all love from Canada 🇨🇦 via Colombia 🇨🇴. How do we like you now? We miss you brother 😞
  • Dude was one of the best artists of the 2000s. Rest in paradise Toby, your music and legacy will live on!