I Survived 100 Days as NARUTO in Minecraft

Published 2023-03-18
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►Episode - I Survived 100 Days as NARUTO in Minecraft


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All Comments (21)
  • @LarvaTubaShow
    I loved this video, really hope there's more anime themed 100 days to come
  • @icy2076
    i like how he said "some people think its luffy, others think its goku" while completely glossing over OPM
  • I have a suggestion for your underground bases. Try making them deep enough so if you have nametags on, they can't see your nametag!
  • @KlebApple
    not once while watching this did i feel a drop of enjoyment
  • @tyicesisco8003
    So we’re not gonna talk about him dropping from like 20 block high missing the water taking no damage 😂
  • Can you post the mods in description so we can also play those mods cause they are so cool
  • @SlayingSin
    Day 16 man said that they turn into logs in Naruto. Sir, they don't transform into logs. The jutsu causes them to basically swap places with a log. It uses the body flicker technique which is a space time Ninjutsu, like the Flying Thunder God technique and the Summoning Jutsu.

    Day 20 man is using a boat instead if using chakra to walk over the surface of the water.
  • @ClayGaming666
    The Teleportation Jutsu is actually called The Flying Ragin Thunder God Technique and it is used when a formula is put on an object and you can teleport to the object and Minato used it with The Kunai
  • @user-ej7tp4dg6w
    What mod(s) are being used to make this video? Asking for a friend…
  • you do realize you can just place a torch on the ground place gravel 2 or 3 blcoks above the torch to drop the gravel into it it has the same drap rate as digging for flint but is far more less tedious as you can drop collect drop collect and repeat infinately with out pausing to place then mine pausing to place :p lol
  • THAT VIDEO WAS ASTRONOMICALLY AWESOME!! THE WAY YOU DESIGNED THE RASEN-SHURIKEN WAS GENIUS!! In my opinion the Naruto Universe are the best ninjas in fiction. Think about it, name one group of ninjas in fiction that can do just as much if not more than Naruto. Beyond thanks to both Ryan and Unicorn for making this video it was the best thing I've watched today.
  • @weeb3946
    The funny thing is that Naruto is still a genin and he stayed a genin for the entire anime
  • @donaldmartel6562
    Him: has a massive cave to build in
    Also him: builds in the most obvious spot
    Edit: HOLY CRAP 104 LIKES?
    Edit 2: 123 likes nice
  • @ahmedayman8765
    So is no one gonna talk about how the 1000 years of death jutsu is on the top tier😂 💀
  • I like how the first time he mentioned rasengan he showed a clip of Naruto's first and most basic rasengan lol
  • @bones4553
    Never let them know your next move : stay on the stone block for 100 days❤
  • Next anime 100 days: surviving 100 days against 3 demons who want to kill you as a demon slayer in Minecraft, you level up from no breath style into Sun Breathing, and there are combat (nichirin sword), utility (Demon Slayer mark), and evolution (from weakling to Hashira) upgrades