Losing Our Minds at the Zoo...

Published 2022-09-15
the zoo makes you crazy the zoo made us crazy wheRE ARE THE OSTRICHES

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All Comments (21)
  • Slimecicle
    Shortly after filming this video, I was ambushed by a flock of ostriches on the way home and barely escaped with my life. Stay on your guard, despite what you may think they ARE real. And they ARE out there.
  • Haley Wing
    Charlie and Tommy literally feeding each other's energies and playing off everything each other does is so hilarious
  • soupatus
    3:27 Charlie is a true friend, steering our young man Tom in the right direction, making sure he doesn't get arrested. A true G
  • Charlie has just such a unique energy that I can only describe as being a gremlin
  • Varmit
    I love how shocked the lil monkeys looked when Charlie made the gator thing longer 💀
  • rat child
    i love how tommys task was to be a karen but he was the most polite young man
  • Deku Kitty
    Tommy and Charlie are on the exact same wavelength of pure chaos. I adore them together.
  • Fruggly
    The dedication charlie has to record so much content before being banished into the burning pits of hell is admirable!
  • XxWitty_GachaxX
    Charlie playing with the monkey was the cutest thing I've ever seen.
  • NerveBy
    Ash is the babysitter who just... follows the kids and gets pranked by them once in a while
  • Josephine Bulaw
    I love how they act like 12 year old boys that were aloud to be alone in the park for a bit while the moms talk
  • TheOnlyChild
    I can just imagine Charlie being the most fun and best dad ever
  • Valen
    I need to see more of Tommy and Charlie hanging out they’re the definition of a chaotic duo tbh
  • I love that Charlie actually committed to the bit about the ostriches instead of it being a one-off thing
  • Stardust 42
    I seriously have no idea how Elodie can edit these videos so fast, the subtitles alone make me scared. mad respect
  • Yeety McMuffin
    The vicious rescue grab and "That's the women's restroom" Charlie saved a life that day
  • 3:26 the aggressive grab and the sound of fear from the slime man himself gave me so much of that happy brain juice.
  • I love the fact that Charlie a grown adult in his 20's is just hanging out with an 18 year old child that is classified as an adult
  • Prospector72
    “America runs on this place, now you better run” has to be the most terrifying thing I’ve ever heard Charlie say🤣
  • Aryc Holgate
    I love how quickly Charlie reacted to Tommy walking into the lady's bathroom