The Best NEW Action Movies 2022 & 2023 (Trailers)

Published 2022-10-28

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  • Wealthy Wolf
    Seriously because of this trailer I'm gonna re-watch 1 and 2. Can't get enough of Drax and this crew.
    Check out our compilation for the best new & upcoming ACTION movies in 2022 & 2023!
  • Gold Osburn
    finally a Dungeons & Dragons movie that doesn't suck that movie is on my bucket list
  • Henry Stickmin
    Violent Night is something i want to watch so much
  • Riccoh
    Black panther music is so beautiful cant wait to watch it ! And emotional too 🥲
  • Wraith Writer
    Plane, Mission Impossible and John Wick are what look good. Seen everything else that has been out and a couple of the lesser known might be worth a watch too.
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  • A RAndom CAyote
    what I noticed most of the movies is that the characters start happy and suddently bad things happen
  • Gold Osburn
    so I have a question when are we going to get a movie or a reference from Black Adam and Shazam
  • ruxor zen
    dungeon and dragon look pretty fun..
  • Voodoomaria
    My partner and I have a Christmas tradition, we collect and view the absolutely worst and most cringe-worthy Christmas movies and specials we can find ALL day on Christmas.
    We have some truly bent stuff.
    And now I see that 36:57 Guardians of the Galaxy is coming out on the 25th of November.
    Another groaner to add to the collection.
  • Mark B
    Bullet Train is soo good, violent, action packed and funny...
  • Sasha Alex
    Violent Night, Alienoid, Shotgun Wedding, Hunt.
    Quite the interesting movies i found on here.
    Thank you.