Patio Makeover Has Begun! New Furniture 😱 || Visit Our Garden

Published 2024-04-09
Walmart Sofa Set:

Just the sofa & table:

Just the chairs:

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All Comments (21)
  • @iyzabel
    has begun It’s HAS+ past participle ( == present perfect ==), not HAS + the simple past. Sorry 😢
  • You can get outdoor rugs that look like the real deal but are plastic (poly-something-or-other). It’ll really lift the space, and the best part is that it can be hosed off, or rolled up in bad weather if you’d prefer. Some white billowy curtains would look great too. Nice work Robbie! 🙌
  • @user-iq7dl7he6r
    People make fun of Walmart but don't know what we'd do without them!!! Pillows with a colorful print and a pretty throw, some plants, and you are going to love it.
  • @karenneese3115
    Retired from Walmart worked there 18 years. One of my favorite things to do there was to help out when I wasn't busy and work in lawn and garden. I'd water the plants. Loved it. They have the best stuff ever!
  • @proudmomma7095
    LOVE the new furniture! Spray them with Scotchguard every 6 months to help the paw prints from not staining the cushions. I love my Walmart outdoor chairs!! Great job!
  • Love your new patio furniture looks more comfortable!... I would of kept the metal set and painted it white and set it out in the yard for a cottage look, and to sit and admire the beautiful surroundings you have planted from a different angle... Or used them to highlight special plants for display. 😊
  • @barbaracole4314
    Looks like you made the right choice, much more comfortable to.sit on than a dinning table.
  • @peggy-ann1961
    Oh Robbie, you and Brent are going to really enjoy the space now, money well spent. Being able to re-home the old set was icing on the cake. 👏🇨🇦👏
  • Looks lovely Robbie. It is lovely to see more of Brent on your video’s too. Love you guys together - you have great energy. Really enjoyed this video. Thanks xxx
  • @DebWh
    The patio furniture is fabulous! I like that it's plastic, yet looks like wicker. Enjoy!
  • Robbie, patio looks great! I was in our Walmart the other day, and they had this set on display. It stopped me in my tracks, because it really is attractive. From Walmart! Anyway, our dogs consider themselves humans with 4 feet, so of course, they should be sitting in the chairs. When we leave the area, we just flip the seat cushion up next to the back cushion. We get a few dirty looks, but it does not leave enough space for a GSD to get comfy. I really love the way your garden area is developing.
  • @deemckinney1486
    Robbie, this was one of my most favorite videos. I am actually in when you said it has begun. It made me smile and feel good inside and when I was going to start in my own garden, don’t give them any of your energy or time. also, just finished watching the birthday video with Janey and I absolutely loved it. Have a great day.
  • You can throw a sheet or blanket over that couch if you’re afraid of the dog renting it and then just throw it in the washer. I love your enthusiasm.
  • @mariayu2154
    The patio furniture looks great! It brought a cozy vibe to your space. Excited to see how you’ll decorate your new space.
  • @LisaGoCricut
    I just bought a new sectional for my porch and have a dog. I bought twin size quilts to cover the bottom cushions to be able to wash them easily and to be able to share the couch with the dog. Amazon sells outdoor replacement cushion covers for chairs and couches that are washable. I bought a new set of cushion covers for the dining chair cushions. They are great for a new look or to cover worn cushions without having to replace the cushions. Love all your yard upgrading you are doing. The metal edging and walkways look great!
  • @ejmedina7065
    Hi Robbie, I love your living room. It's beautiful, I love the color!! Thanks for sharing!! Love your videos!!👏👏👍
  • @joannefuller
    I love that furniture! It couldn't be more perfect.
  • @sandyg8794
    Hi Robbie! The ne patio furniture is really pretty. The space looks so much better. It was nice seeing Brent, and congrats on the new job. Thank you so much for sharing!
  • Hi Robbie, Here is an idea. While we use to year round camp, most RV users had these type of gazebo's and put up a corner type poly storage and put their tv inside it, where it stayed dry and closed when not in use.