Remove Air from your Boiler and Heating System | How To

Published 2019-01-12
Brass hose cap:
Hot water hose:
Expansion Tank:
Boiler Feed Valve:
Pipe Dope:
Pipe Wrench:

In this video, I demonstrate how to purge air from your heating system. Get yourself a hose and do it yourself! Its easy and you can save a lot of money on service calls and improve the efficiency of your heating system which in turn will cut costs on your utility bills.

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    Hands down the best explanation of “how to” video. I am super impressed by you taking the time to explain everything including the expansion tank. I am still new to hydronic boilers so this is a blessing to see first hand.
  • Max Lee
    Concise, but thorough. Almost called a plumber because of gurgling even after using the little air bleeders, but this procedure took care of the noise! Showing us not to let the valves get stuck open as well as to cap off leaks gave me a peace of mind for some reason lol. Thanks much.
  • sam abner
    I had three different hvac companies try and get the air out of my system, no luck. Watched this video and did it myself, worked perfectly. Can't thank you enough.
  • Hansang Bae
    Straight and to the point with pro-tips. What more could you ask for in a "how-to" video! Thank you
  • Darren Anthony
    100% best video I’ve seen on the subject. It’s an extremely easy system to bleed once you know what you’re doing. You made it as straight forward as possible. Now, I don’t hear water rushing through my pipes. My puppies are creaking when turning on, but so much quieter.
  • Eduard Herri
    I did this a few times myself without knowing exactly what I was doing. I just made sure the pressure in the system was alright. You video makes sense and now I understand better how it works. Thank you so much.
  • Todd Rengel
    Great video, thank you! It helped me purge air from a closed loop marine hydronic heating system with a manifold. Same exact principals and it worked like a charm. Really appreciate your clarity and breaking down what’s going on.
  • Joan Lazcano
    Awesome video man! Simple to follow and right to the point! 👏👏👏
  • andres carrasco
    Thank you so much! You make this look easier than it is!! Really appreciate the time and info you put in this video! Ps. Keep them coming!!
  • I like that you explained the "why" versus just the "how". Very important on these videos! Thanks for the help!
  • Very informative video...well done. The only disagreement would be when you warned not to allow the relief valve to open. If you don’t check it at least once a year during the annual maintenance then you’ll never know if it will open during a high pressure emergency.
  • A Karimov
    An excellent "how-to" video tutoring.
    I knew the theory and you showed it in practice. My mission is accomplished :)
    Thank you very much!
  • gutiersa
    So tidy and organized. Great video, thanks for making it and sharing it!
  • Dustin Mesrobian
    I dont normally comment, but you do a good job at covering all the details that are very crucial. I work in trades as well, and I can tell you know your stuff. I’m replacing a friend’s expansion tank and needed a good explanation on the system. Other videos suck at explaining. Good work
  • Ole' Willy Z
    thank you sir. i have been terrified of my heater for the last two years. you showed me it isnt that hard. i appreciate you for taking the time to make this video. well done.
  • Thank you so much for this video! My husband and I are first time homeowners and had never lived somewhere with baseboard heating until we bought our home. We were getting worried when we started to hear all that noise coming from the heaters but your video popped up when I was searching on what could be causing it. Took us all of 15 minutes to fix after watching your video, no noise since.
  • Timothy Christian
    Great video! I couldn’t sleep last night listening to gurgling noises and your video was the best explanation! Thanks again!
  • Dennis Scanlon
    Love when the "why" is explained along with the "how". Great video - learned alot more than I set out to...always a good thing. Thanks!
  • Da bugman
    Best, well explained video I've ever watched on this subject. Thanks!