I Didn't Kill Anybody

Published 2023-08-24

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  • @nymphmythic454
    Mark and his brother are literally the "neighbor's kid" meme. They're the kids you're too scared to play with.
  • @SolstaceWinters
    Mark isn't a sadist, he just wants to see how far other people's bodies can go.
  • @Moon_The_Magical
    Markiplier has played so many horror games he can make anything sound scary. He has the slightly ominous voice down, plus just the way he tells stories is so unique.
  • @How-Do-I-Nezzy
    It's fascinating how these two brothers ended up...

    They're both really good story tellers
  • “The burying of the saw was such a concerning instinct “ - the birth of Markiplier’s diabolical criminal mind
  • What I really love about this is that in context it paints Tom as being just as much of a dangerous psychopath as Mark. Clearly it runs in the family.
  • I love the “yeah, go for it” as wade slips in another tape and presses record, it made me laugh soo so so so hard
  • @BradVids
    This is absolutely INSANE! totally changing the vibe of the story from comedic to extremely off/scary and the art style and animation is just wonderful
  • @shelbyherring92
    The fact this animation just turns Mark and Thomas into psycopaths is both really chilling and very funny...

    But also, I wouldn't put it past them doing crazy crap like this as kids.
  • It is legitimately impressive how they managed to cut out all the laughter from bob and wade, really improves the spooky vibes
  • @meemo13
    Mark's laugh at 2:45 sounds like he's actually insane when put into this context. Props to the artists and animators for turning his innocent and bubbly laugh into nearing criminal insanity
  • I love the creepiness of this animation. And animating Mark's little laugh as if he was actually a crazy serial killer.
    Great job, artists! 💜🌻
  • @AshleyIsArtsy
    I've never seen Mark as at all threatening, he is major golden retriever energy, so bravo to the animators for making him feel actually unnerving in this one!
  • @leslielara4445
    The funny thing about this, is that it fits so well with an actual interrogation because with chatty suspects, the detectives play buddies with them, they have to laugh and agree with them to keep them talking, if you check interrogations like this, is like a group of old friends catching up 😂😂😂😂
  • @BeastRedAsh
    I don't know whether to be terrified or amazed by how FREAKING GOOD job animators did on this one, the whole mood of the video is so entrancing, yet terrifyingly disturbing, all the insane shots and jumscares are like an icing on the cake. Stunning job!
  • @thedrbat9572
    Im sorry but everytime they hit the tape recorder i cant help but laugh uncontrollably because i wish distractible was actually just bob and wade sitting in a custody room with mark and hes secretly insane 😂
  • @YanntastischGER
    The power of art turned Mark's akward childhood story into psychological horror. God I love these animations!
  • @UncleSamAAAA
    This whole thing is so beautifully animated but my favorite part is the one at 1:50 really amazing work by the animators!