The Graham Norton Show S20E15 Matthew McConaughey, Christina Ricci, Josh Widdicombe, Ed Sheeran

Published 2017-01-21
The Graham Norton Show S20E15 Matthew McConaughey, Christina Ricci, Josh Widdicombe, Ed Sheeran

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  • GiGi Johnson
    I love graham Norton. We have in the states several shows but they just all fall short of the quality your show exudes. Keep up the wonderful work and please know that you are very much appreciated and respected for your talent as a host.
  • Dan C
    I love Graham's show for all the unique stories and so down to earth vibe, it's awesome
  • Deja Vu
    Love how conversational this episode is. It's like a bunch of friends just hanging out talking.
  • This was a great show! Wonderful interaction between the stars/guests! Just love the GN Show!!!
    The ending of this episode is the best and also shows how down to earth Ed Sheeran is.
  • Stella.
    one of my favorite episodes. love Christina Ricci, such a unique spirit. Mathew & Ed totally vibed together.
  • Mark Prior
    Mathew McConaughey looks totally at home on the sofa, great storyteller and interested in everyone else.
  • The vibe on this couch was great, especially with Matthew and Ed each asking questions of the other guests.
  • mouila
    The best couch ever, so relaxed guests, so natural, so authentic. Everyone gets along like all time friends.
    Merci for that moment Graham. You're THE man.
  • HerrBenedikt
    46:07 really loved it when Ed took a seat on Grahams lap to watch his friend. This show is the best
  • ifrarikhan
    This was awesome! Loved the ending and the conversation among the guests. Graham Norton is a legend!
  • Linda Pearson
    I have watched quite a number of his shows. This is by far the BEST, most genuine interaction I have seen. Icing on the cake........Celebs that I truly like and I am interested in. Loved every minute of it. Enough said. Going back to watch it again.. The song, the support, the back and forth. I soooo needed this positive good energy. Awsome!!!!!
  • Cradle of Anal
    Ed Sheeren is damn amazing.. one man one guitar.. such a pure way of making music..
  • Beverley
    What am amazing story teller Matthew McCounaughey is! Love him!
  • King Apathy
    Ed’s songs transport you to where you didn’t know that you were needing to go and reunite with your childhood soul.
  • Nate M
    Gotta love a famous singer who can actually sing when not in a studio.
  • M O M
    i love it when the big stars like Matthew, tom cruise are so gracious and extend their hands and shake strangers' hands first. it's such a nice gesture. they are not stuck up and super friendly, i find.
  • Dion Lindsay
    I love the huge Lego kit story. When my nephew was very small I took him shopping for firework night. Before we went into the toy shop I told him he could have the biggest rocket they had, or a box of fireworks, but he had to decide now. I had a feeling his Mum and Dad had already bought all the standard sized fireworks he and his sister would want, but I didn't know how big the rocket would be. He had to walk it home like a shepherd's crook. It went on for ages. His sister was a lot younger and she watched from inside the house.
  • John James
    Ricci was the only one who saved Buffalo '66 from absolute disaster. She has my nod.