Timothy Jones Penalty Phase Verdict

Published 2019-06-13

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  • Amanda Williams
    Thank you members of the verdict! Violence against children in our society should always have the harshest punishment!
  • Sara Cooper
    Rest In Peace babies and yes this was justice!
  • KitKat78
    I was disappointed that the judge didn't address the defendant directly...
    I'm not usually a supporter of the death penalty but I have to admit there was no other punishment that would satisfy this heinous crime. RIP sweet babies.
  • Tracy Draper
    Wow, his father is so disrespectful! After the verdict was reached, and his son is given the death penalty, you give the jurors and officers of the court THE MIDDLE FINGER! It's evident the hate displayed was passed onto your son, and these babies suffered and were murdered!
  • South Pole
    He played the game hard. This was such a drawn out trial right until the end, but thank God there was justice for those innocent children!! I hope the DP is quick and not years away. May those children Rest In Peace.
  • KitKat78
    I can't get over how he is smiling and laughing with his lawyers even after he gets death.
  • Elle Bee
    He hurt many! For eternity. Let us all forget him. Starting NOW
  • Janadu
    It amazes me how many defense attorneys are hovering around the murderous maggot, but only 3 representing those precious babies. 😢 God rest those 5 little ones and comfort Amber. No mother should have her babies wrenched from her in this manner. Thank you judge and jurors and thank you to the prosecution for your hard work and dedication.
  • bev dowdy
    Did you see him smiling at his attorney? I thank the judge for denying his attorney again.
  • Gds
    God bless those beautiful souls that were robbed of life and thank you to the jury for justice
  • Pauline Gallagher
    The pain,that one man caused,is shocking,very upsetting indeed.The families that are left to carry this pain,must be unbearable. May God give you all peace.
  • Dramawitsvu17
    LOL that judge is Savage! LOL "You want me to rule on those individually or can I do them as a group?" ....that was a Denial beforehand if ever I have heard one! Awesome judge!
  • Sheri Reedy
    Thank you to the jury for the only right decision they could have rendered in this horrific case!! Prosecution was brilliant!! Rot in hell T.J.!! 👿🔥👿🔥
  • Lala Isis
    This guy looks exactly like a serial killer looks in my mind.
  • McKenna Barclay
    It was really sad seeing his family react. These people who did nothing wrong, losing a 6th person in their family. I hope they get the peace that they need.
  • LeeB_ Music
    Judge basically: Do you want me to rule on your objections individually, or can I just deny them all now? LOL
  • Dawn Love
    I think the judge decided not to speak to the defendant bc he knows that Tim Jr. Would love the attention.
  • Judge was a ⭐️ this is so terrible and the only good thing I can say about Chris Watts is that he didn't drag the family's through a court case so disturbing like this. My heart goes to Amber ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ hope you find peace 😢🌸🌸🌸