Join us for our Pre-drywall walk through with an inspector

Published 2019-02-04
My Buyer was out of state and worried about so many details. Buyer hired a third party home inspector to verify all was good with the home.

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  • Ryan Hagen
    The takeaway for a builder here is that as long as you load the house up with nail plates, you'll pass the inspection
  • capmike
    Props to the builder, looks like a good home. But I want to correct a comment about "not wanting to see trusses with field repairs". Crap happens out at the jobsite, and all field repairs *should by code have an engineered stamped repair document prescribing how to fix the damage. These repairs almost always make the truss stronger at that point than it was originally designed.
  • james
    This is like someone's dad coming over to check the construction. Good.... <pat..pat> nice, <kick..kick> real good. 69 studs... nice.
  • 10thOfJuneBug
    How did the home turn out? My wife and I are in the home building process and they are about to break ground on our new home and I wanted to do a pre-drywall inspection on my own aside from the builders inspection. What are your thoughts and is it worth the piece of mind?
  • Tim H
    Sounds like this guy works for the builder.
  • Qisthatdude
    Every seasoned inspector I've ever come across, until the end of the inspection literally have you feeling like you're about to fail even if you know you did everything perfect. Too many "very good's" in book him and the builder are laughing to the bank
  • Fact Finder
    This was posted 3 years ago. I wonder if this inspector has learned anything new about pre-drywall inspections since initial posting. There was just so much that was very well done. Didn't even meet minimum SOP.
  • John Cioffi
    As long as you have nail plates you can install plumbing fittings incorrectly. Try pulling out the plans an verifying the truss package and framing is per the engineering instead of being in complete awe of spray foam.
  • Eric Fraser
    5:42 he appears not to inspect that the fiberglass tub was installed on a bed of mortar. He should be tapping the bottom of the shower to ensure its base is nice and solid. That is where a fiberglass tub will crack or fail if not properly supported and someone heavy steps into it.
  • Bob Pritchard
    I presume this was a friend vs a real inspection.
  • cadets3
    He tightened the floor plate bolt with his hand. This guy is a legend.
  • Jas Web
    My pre-drywall is tomorrow. I purchased a Ryan Home as well. Thanks for the video.
  • Frank Galligan
    Boy,real building inspectors never say nice job never.
  • bruce sanchez
    Some studs with plumbing going through them were over drilled and needed added support
  • Matt Cerilli
    How did he not know that was a kitchen island? lol
  • The electric and HVAC ducts were run very neatly but whoever ran the plumbing - both DWV and water - needs to be re-trained...the pipe work was U G L Y !!!
  • MegaThepow
    So he will charge me for 450 to inspect my house for about 15 minutes? My god, Ryan homes must be a excellent builder, he could find any flaw to that house.
  • ADG
    This feels way too casual