Recovering From Traumatic Experiences with Rick Warren

Published 2019-04-15 — At some point in life, everyone faces a traumatic experience — the experience of feeling overwhelmed or frightened from a deeply distressing event. As part of the message, Pastor Rick Warren interviews the president of Rwanda as we remember the trauma of the horrific genocide of 1994. In this special service, you'll learn what God has to say about evil and trauma and discover what steps to take after experiencing trauma in your life.

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  • Khaidem Sandip
    I have been reading the Bible nonstop for 1115 days, finished the entire Bible 3 times in 2020 as I was suffering symptoms of PTSD. I thank God for helping me overcome all the delusions and fears because of His Word. Matthew 6:25-34 is my favourite. It is the Lord who provided, and I accepted it. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who deserves praise, glory and honour.
  • Olive Marie
    Realizing my identity in Jesus literally saved my life. I was raised by narcissists and the image of which I saw myself did not match how Jesus sees me. Learning the power of relationship with Jesus has been the miracle that has saved my life. I am so excited to be His. I'm getting baptized on July 10th. A new birth certificate. I am not the daughter of narcissists, I am the daughter of The King of Heaven. I do not need to beg for scraps. I am a princess, I was born to lead people to Jesus so they can be healed through His love, just like how He healed me.
  • Linda Sparks
    My husband was abusive and left me and my boys after 25 years of marriage. I am facing a lot of grief mixed with anger and pain. Please pray for us. I pray for God to do a miracle.
  • T.R. South
    Listening to this at work and Pastor you're touching my soul because it's exactly what I thought. I was a victim of rape and I absolutely blamed myself and said there was something so fundamentally wrong with me that I couldn't distinguish between good and bad people and it was my fault - it was because I was broken. I absorbed all responsibility for someone who take away my choice. This is such an important message! Because it's so easy when you go through trauma to end up blaming yourself.
  • Night Sky
    I've been in traumas & struggling for 10 years. Thank you.
  • Steve Karma
    Rick Warren a man with the heart of a shepherd
  • cheri proctor
    I so needed to hear this today. I was so angry at God after my big brother took his own life last month. Thank you Pastor Rick.
  • F M
    All the trauma has happened to me and homeless for and disabled pray for me
  • Rodrigo Marins
    I'm very blessed each week with this messages. Thanks Saddleback Church. Hugs from Brazil !
  • J Wright
    I came back home in 2015 at the age of 61 to care for my elderly mother. After 6 years mom passed away in her home of over 60 years at the age of 85. I did everything I could to make mom comfortable and make her environment peacefully. Even when it became hard as the 24/7 caregiver, GOD always gave me the strength to keep going. The entire time I was caring for Mom my family members constantly and consistently criticized everything I was doing for Mom. One of my brothers who lived close by treated Mom and me like an ATM machine and when mom passed he immediately started sending me text messages demanding I give him money. The texts have been coming 4 and 5 times a day for over 30 days. Calling me names and threatening that he has an attorney. I can’t even grieve Moms passing for dealing with all the criticism on how I did the funeral and everything I did for mom. I protected and shielded mom from as much negativity that I could. This sermon has blessed me. Thank you Pastor Rick.
  • DebbieB
    We love you too pastor, thank you for all the spiritual food you give us. God bless you!
  • Jenna Martin
    I NEEDED this! Thank you Jesus and thank you Pastor Rick Warren
  • Kazuya Max
    I have a mental illness this is enlightening me every time I listen to you Rick warren you really God use you thank you it really help me in my mental illness curable my ocd, intrusive thoughts, ptsd and severe anxiety by I been abuse when I was young in the philippines i was abuse, verbal, physical and bullied feeling guilt and anger it feels be relive and accept past is past and now remember the promise of Jesus Christ for the present and better future thank you so much from Los angles. 🙏🥺
  • Rhonda Engdahl
    Am I ever glad I came across this and decided to listen to it! The deepest questions I've ever pondered, finally an answer to them that properly explains it. Thank you so much, Pastor Rick Warren, for this message. I needed this!
  • Pink Fuschia
    The film 'The Shack' puts this message across well about why God doesn't wipe out evil people here and now. If you've ever experienced trauma like I have, that film will bring out all your hurt, have you crying and then bring you into understanding of God's love in your pain.
  • Shirley Berens
    I am suffering from wthdrawals from pain pills taken after my 2 hip surgeries. It is only when I am listening to your sermons I have any peace and rest. Thank you.
  • Heidi Chiandussi
    I am doing that right now drug addict ...its christmas went crazy in my car ...its been crazy the last past 4 years ...lost my job for no reason ....pray for me ...