5 Common Road Rules You Might Not Know | Learn to drive: Highway Code

Published 2020-12-02
Most people pass their Theory Test, put their copy of the Highway Code away - and never look at it again! Then, as time passes, their knowledge of the rules of the road will slowly fade. Remember, that when taking your Driving Test, the examiner will expect you to demonstrate your knowledge of the Highway Code with your driving - so keep your copy handy. In this video, we will look at 5 common road rules that you might not know - which could cause confusion and potentially fail a Driving Test.

The electronic rearview monitor seen in this video is the Pormido PR996, and if you are interested we reviewed it in this video:    • 12" Widescreen Mirror Dash-Cam  |  Po...  

This video includes;
* 0:00 Introduction
* 1:09 Let emergency vehicles past safely
* 2:32 Don’t stop in a box junction
* 4:02 It’s OK to pass an amber traffic light
* 5:16 We don’t always need to indicate when pulling away
* 6:45 Filthy number plates are illegal
* 8:08 Summary

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  • @s.p.928
    Just passed with 3 minor today and I should say your videos helped a lot 😊 thank you guys, really appreciated 🍀❤️
  • @littleboy96
    I passed the test recently. I have to claim my full licence by sending the driving test pass certificate because the address was changed. As a new driver, I think those little things need more clarity. Could you please consider making a video for new drivers on documents like driving licence, insurance, MOT, Car maintenance. Thanks for your channel. It is a great blessing. Clear teaching with fitting visuals.
  • I pass my driving test 2 days ago with 3 minors and a massive thank you to Mat for all his help and for all the videos you make couldn't practice with my car as nobody has a full driving licence available to set with me so just rely on my driving lesson and watch a lot of your videos,and finally I pass my driving test.And by the way Mat is my 6th driving instructor and he is the best driving teacher I ever had,and thanks to his wife too for all her tips and advice on how to deal with nerve and anxiety when taking a driving test really helps a lot.
    Thank you so much Advance Driving School Bury St Edmund I recommend 100% if anyone out there wants to learn to drive.
  • As an ex bus driver I found the rule about giving way to a bus pulling away from a stop to be the most ignored rule.
  • @arron1906
    On the 3rd rule, while it is correct to say you only need to signal if it would benefit other road users, I was always given the addendum "including those you have not seen".

    That is to say, you should indicate by default as there might be an approaching road user you did not see and the few seconds of indication before manoeuvre could make the difference between getting an irate toot and a nasty crash.
  • @vayrie
    Thank you for this! These are all things that I only found out by stumbling across them, so this will probably be super useful to a lot of people 😊
  • @ItsLeannex
    thank you for all your super helpful videos! I passed my test first time today with 4 minors!
  • @mervinm6802
    I learned more from your videos than my instructor. Keep it up
  • Thank you for your videos. I have my test coming up in a few weeks. I have a question in regards to the part where you talked about appropriate use of your indicator. If you are moving off from the left and you can’t signal left because there’s a constant stream of traffic and they might break / hold back because they think you haven’t seen them (like you mentioned in this video) - what should you do? Should you wait for a gap? Even if it’s a constant flow? and only indicate right before you pull off?

  • @johndd9140
    Thank you so much for the tips!

    I heard you should treat Amber lights like Red lights: you should stop. But I agree - you shouldn't stop if it's too late as it's safer to proceed than brake suddenly.
  • Interesting, I was taught to always indicate when driving away for 2 reasons. First off it is legally required here, which is aparently not the case in the UK. Second was the reason that you might not have seen some one who is there, so indicating your intent is always the better idea, even when it seems like there is no reason to.
  • @keith6400
    3:50 Surely one should mention that we are not allowed to enter a box at a box junction when turning right if our exit is blocked.
  • @sonxgoku7555
    Fantastic helpful tips! I have my driving test in 12 days wish me luck 🙏🏻
  • @chel3SEY
    The Code says you should always signal "to advise other road users before changing course or direction". That's a higher standard than just indicating "if others benefit".
  • @martins8619
    Passed today 1st time with 1 minor. Your videos were very helpful, thankyou
  • @Seva1215
    This channel makes really useful videos thank you👏🏻
  • @ariahashemi7937
    Not really relevant to the video but I had a question. We hear about not getting too close too parked cars when overtaking them, but what about overtaking them with too much space? I failed my driving test because I overtook parked cars with far too much space multiple times. Just wanted to know why this is considered a fault, and if you have any tips to help rectify this? Thank you, your videos have been immensely helpful for me thus far
  • @arslanali1346