"How to Handle Insults and Ridicule" with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2021-06-14

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  • What Pastor Rick says is the best advice you can ever have in dealing with daily challenges where people ridicule and oppose you mainly because they are jealous of your ability.
  • God led me to Pastor Rick Warren's channel. The 1st video I watched "if I could only teach you one thing: why God made you" I praised God for these teachings. God bless you Pastor and to my brothers and sisters also.
  • smh
    Thank you Pastor Rick for this message. I was ridiculed at work by another co-worker as I was helping a customer. It was funny because I didn't see that person the entire day and it was to my surprise their words reflected what was always on their heart. I am preparing for a new chapter in my life for a job I have no idea what is in it for me. I believe life is testing and I decided to research "Jesus being ridiculed". This sermon was a blessing and it has taught me that the attacks will always come. I'm preparing for a new season in my life and I'm aware that the challenges will only become greater. God is in control and I believe in him. Amen.
  • Hahaha “… if you wrestle with a pig you’re both going to get muddy, but only one of you is going to enjoy it.” 😂😂😂 And also loved “If your enemy is thirsty or hungry feed them.” ❤️🙏🏻❤️ Thank you, your sermon helped me so much in regaining my perspective and my purpose.
  • Hello Pastor! Just given myself to Jesus Christ and in a couple of weeks will be baptised...your Video was a gift from God literally! As I am experiencing an intense situation of insults slander and defamation prayer and the living word of God will be my weapon against the adversary! God bless!
  • Kay kay
    I'm one of those individuals that will tell in heaven, thank you, thank you, I am here. I have listened to these YouTube since COVID-19, so many times, I know them by heart. God bless you and your family.
  • This was absolutely fantastic. Just exceptional. Don't take teachings lightly brothers & sisters. The Lord has His vessels equip us for the battle at hand. Take notes, watch twice if need be, even save this. For the day of persecution is certain but rest in knowing that the grace of God, a strong tower, shall be all the more. Be blessed in the name of Christ Jesus pastor Rick. Much love. Thank you for the surrendering of self to Abba's will. Surely you shall receive the crown of life. Hallelujah
  • Eunice Tan
    Thank You, Pastor Rick. Always delivers great and edifying sermon.
  • Alison Allain
    This message is so specific, relevant and encouraging. Praying for yall and so very grateful for Saddleback!
  • Favored Kara
    ❤️❤️Thank you Pastor Rick. This blessed me alot!
  • Leo Tran
    I do, Thank God, Thank You pastor. I am so blessed with your sermon series. I love to share them with my people.
  • Sylvia Reisman
    ❤💚❤ and needed this so much!
    Thank you so much Pastor Rick! 🤗🤗🙏🙏
  • scherf.com
    So true! Excellent encouraging message. Thank you so much for sharing it P. Rick!
  • Morning Glory
    I am super blessed by this message. Thank you Pr Rick. God bless
  • Ken Abalos
    I have listened to all of your sermons. I’m always excited if there’s a new update. These sermons have helped me during the pandemic. Praying for you Ps Rick