Horrific details emerge in case of 13 captive siblings

Published 2018-01-19
David Turpin, 57, and Louise Turpin, 49, allegedly forced their children to shower only once a year, never took them to a dentist, and strangled and beat them routinely, prosecutors said.

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  • @fdc1282
    As a former prison inmate ( drug charges. ), I saw what happens to prisoner’s convicted of child abuse or other crimes like these. It doesn’t matter what their sentences are, the other inmates will administer their own brand of justice. They will not last long behind bars. Neither of them.
  • @LoveRedRoses
    Jordan risked her life, to save her siblings from their parents. She’s my hero, she was terrified what would happen if the parents realized she was gone.
  • @bartman9400
    The way the young girl handled the situation and spoke to the police keeping calm and collected the whole time is just outstanding and so very brave
  • @cherrybarb4651
    All those years it's hard to believe that no one ever got suspicious about what was going on.
  • @afchicinfla
    As a survivor of child abuse I’m very upset at the neighbor that he saw things happening and he couldn’t make one phone call to family services
  • @deathrow5581
    I don't understand how some people are capable of doing this to any children, let alone their own.... It's unfathomable
  • @jades5484
    The fact that they didn’t even plead guilty knowing what they did... literally makes me sick. Pure evil.
  • I agree with regular homeschool checks. My mom lied about our records. She wasn't teaching us. My dad abused us physically and verbally and they act like (to this day) They were god sends to us. Very sad.
  • It’s amazing none of the kids died. Without modern medicine I don’t even know if I would’ve survive in this world. God held on to these kids! I hope they live life to the fullest.
  • @charityhouze647
    My brother and I, in our early 40's now we're raised much like these children. Our story never got told and our family never punished for what they did to us and we now live with the challenge of complex PTSD. Think about the few cases like this that get some kind of justice there are far too many that don't. Even children services did nothing. 😓
  • @kaeyln7985
    so proud of jordan. she literally saved her entire family.
  • @jessiturner48
    The dad should get an extra charge for that hair cut
  • Dressing them all the same is in itself very evident of brainwashing authoritative control, it takes away any individuality and free will. I would be horrified if I had witnessed this family leaving their house all dressed the same and the parents doing the front and rear guard security. They say you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but the fathers hair do is enough to set the alarm bell ringing in my head. God's love be with the children.
  • I simply can't wrap my mind around how evil this is. I am so grateful the children were saved. I will never forget them and I hope and pray they will all recover and live beautiful full lives.
  • This story reminds me of my own experience with my step mother. She raised me from the time I was 7 until I ran away from home at 15. The taunting and and withholding of normal life pleasures hits close to home. The older I get the less i understand why adults treat children this way. I hated my step mother and father. I never spoke to them again as an adult.
  • @desktopkitty823
    I was born into an abusive family, albeit not as bad a situation as these children. My heart really goes out to them and the long road of recovery they have ahead. But it's true when you're born into it, it's all you know, it's hard to realize how bad/wrong your situation is. And there's fear in doing or saying something. Especially in a case like this, even if one manages to save him or herself, there's a fear of what horrible things might be done to their siblings if they don't succeed in rescuing everyone at the same time. In my case the abuse was hidden by my family seeming to be normal almost to the point of being so wholesome it's actually unrealistic when I think about it. Like a father who goes to church multiple times a week and teaches Sunday school, volunteering to help battered women, etc. In fact my family came across as being the last people who would abuse children, so that when I did work up the courage to tell teachers and people at church nobody believed me. Really. Nobody. I ended up running away from home, and that was literally the only way I was able to make the abuse stop. So I hope this story opens eyes. Don't let photos or what the parents only let the public see fool you. Listen to children and believe them, even if it seems unlikely.
  • @kstutz81
    The strength of this kids to last through all of that abuse. I’m not an emotional man, but when Jordan broke down crying while trying to recount the process of trying to dial 911 but was shaking so hard because she was terrified…. I just began to tear up. Broke my heart. Thank God for her. Thank God they are free. I hope there is a Hell so those parents can burn for all eternity!!
  • @j.n.8153
    How do these people find each other? At what point do people sit down and plot together how to carry out sadistic behaviour?
  • that seventeen year old needs to be rewarded for her saving her brothers,sisters